Pictures of Presidents When They Were Younger #4

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George HW Bush taking his first steps:

I'm surprised they actually have a photo of something like this

Young George HW Bush during WWII:

You can just barely see the resemblance with his son

4-year old Bill Clinton (when his name was William Jefferson Blythe):

you hiding something/someone under that huge coat there buddy

Young Bill and Hillary:

jfc he looks like bob ross

Baby George W. Bush being held by his parents:

don't let him become president

George W. Bush with his family:

don't let them become president either

Kid Barack Obama with his family:

one of these things is not like the other

Young Obama smoking some dank kush:

damn son

Young Michelle Obama:

That's quite an afro

Bonus Obama shirtless:

He probably looks a lot less muscular now


  1. Poles's Avatar
    so I guess these are over now
  2. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    Young Donald Trump :^)
  3. Samos's Avatar
    I think I'll do candidates next
  4. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    I want one of the founding father presidents dammit.

    There's gotta be a painting somewhere of that.
  5. Lilian Parkes's Avatar
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