Pictures of 2016 Presidential Candidates When They Were Younger #2

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Time to get started on the like 20+ something Republicans running for President

Let's do it in order of poll numbers, starting with you know who

Young Donald Trump at a military academy:

He did not serve in Vietnam though, allegedly because of a physical problem
There's some controversy there that I really don't care about

Donald Trump in the 70s:

only 70s kid will remember his hair

Donald Trump in the 80s with one of his wives:

For those wondering, he's 69 years old, making him 2 years older than Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush (Former Governor of Florida, brother of George W. Bush and son of George HW) with his family:

He's the kid farthest to the right (George W. is holding the girl)
I'm kind of curious why only George W. developed a southern accent but not curious enough to actually find out

Young Jeb Bush:

vote for jeb bush? more like vote for pedro

Dr. Ben Carson (neurosurgeon, became famous for separating twins who were conjoined by the back of the head) in high school:

I think he's the only candidate I actually learned about in school before they ran for Pres
i was pretty surprised when i first heard him talk about politics

Young Scott Walker (Governor of Wisconsin):


Marco Rubio (Florida Senator) in high school:

He still looks pretty young actually

Ted Cruz (Texas Senator) in high school:

he looks smart

Carly Fiorina (business executive) in high school:

I know a fair amount of girls who look like that

coming soon: the bottom of the barrel


  1. Poles's Avatar
    donald trump used to look like a normal person :OOO
  2. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    And now he looks like YOUR MOM

  3. Poles's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnut
    And now he looks like YOUR MOM

    nah not really