Pictures of 2016 Presidential Candidates When They Were Younger #2

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Time to get started on the like 20+ something Republicans running for President

Let's do it in order of poll numbers, starting with you know who

Young Donald Trump at a military academy:

He did not serve in Vietnam though, allegedly because of a physical problem
There's some controversy there that I really don't care about

Donald Trump in the 70s:

only 70s kid will remember his hair

Donald Trump in the 80s with one of his wives:

For those wondering, he's 69 years old, making him 2 years older than Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush (Former Governor of Florida, brother of George W. Bush and son of George HW) with his family:

He's the kid farthest to the right (George W. is holding the girl)
I'm kind of curious why only George W. developed a southern accent but not curious enough to actually find out

Young Jeb Bush:

vote for jeb bush? more like vote for pedro

Dr. Ben Carson (neurosurgeon, became famous for separating twins who were conjoined by the back of the head) in high school:

I think he's the only candidate I actually learned about in school before they ran for Pres
i was pretty surprised when i first heard him talk about politics

Young Scott Walker (Governor of Wisconsin):


Marco Rubio (Florida Senator) in high school:

He still looks pretty young actually

Ted Cruz (Texas Senator) in high school:

he looks smart

Carly Fiorina (business executive) in high school:

I know a fair amount of girls who look like that

coming soon: the bottom of the barrel


  1. Poles's Avatar
    donald trump used to look like a normal person :OOO
  2. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    And now he looks like YOUR MOM

  3. Poles's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnut
    And now he looks like YOUR MOM

    nah not really
  4. NoahWunderlich's Avatar
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