Pictures of 2016 Presidential Candidates When They Were Younger #3

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more republicans yaaaay

Young Rand Paul (Kentucky Senator and son of Ron Paul):

His real name is Randal apparently

Young John Kasich (Governor of Ohio):

I heard his name a lot before I actually knew how it was spelled

Young Mike Huckabee to the left of someone (former Governor of Arkansas):

Fun fact: He is (or used to be) Chuck Norris' favorite candidate:
you can decide yourself if that's cool or cringey

Young Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey):

He used to be very athletic apparently
pretty surprising looking at him now

Young Rick Perry (former Governor of Texas):

He might be the only candidate who had braces in this

Young Rick Santorum (former Senator):

there is no defense against the dents jim henson is dispensing

Young Bobby Jindal (Governor of Louisiana):

his real name is piyush

Lindsey Graham (former Senator), George Pataki (former Governor of New York) and Jim Gilmore (former Governor of Virginia) are running but I can't find young pics of them

So yeah I guess I'm done with these

any requests for new categories


  1. Poles's Avatar
    wynaut vice presidents
  2. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Secretaries of Defense
    Surgeons General
    Attorneys General
  3. McLaren's Avatar
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    thanks mclaren very cool