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Shooting the Breeze Ep. 1: Beretta

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DISCLAIMER: Title totally not ripped off from a series Hickok45 does...

As inspired by Turtle's thread about a sharing knowledge sub-forum, I'd thought I'd do something in vain of the concept. I'm the resident forum gun nut, (O rly) so why not do a blog series about various firearm topics and such?

Today's episode brings you an oldy, but a goody; Pietro Beretta Arms Company, better known by the name on the gun boxes, Beretta. Fittingly the start of the firearms history timeline, more or less.

Beretta is a fairly ubiquitously known name in the world of guns, even to outsiders. Often, "Beretta" or "Glock" becomes a generic term for a handgun of any sort in movies and TV. The Beretta 92, perhaps the most iconic design by the company, is oftentimes what one might think of when a handgun comes to mind.

The company was founded in 1526 in Italy. This makes 2015 its 486th year in business. and it stands as the oldest active firearms manufacturer in history. They started in the humble business of making barrels for arquebusses -- an archaic muzzle-loader rifle, and have since moved up in the world with prolific rifle, pistol, and shotgun designs. (The latter especially when they acquired competitors Franchi and Benelli.) Some favorites of mine and the gun community below:

The ever-famous Beretta 92Fs/M9, (Pictured: 92Fs Inox (Inoxerized, a Beretta patented stainless steel coating.) used by the militaries of the US, France, Mexico, Italy (Duh), and many others.

The Px4 Storm (Pictured: Inox variant) was a design Beretta made chambered in .45 when the US military sought to replace the M9 as the standard sidearm with something more powerful and modular. The competition was otensibly a draw, or the military liked the status quo, as the competition was cancelled, and none of the applicants (Save a 1911 variant by Colt, adopted by select Marine Corps battalions.) accepted.

The Cx4, the C meaning "Carbine", was released to the civilian market roughly the same time as the other _x4 guns. This was a pistol caliber carbine that was able to accept Px4 and 92FS magazines, like the Kel-Tec Sub series of carbines, though less modular than the latter.

The rifle in the x4 series and the Cx4's big brother, this was developed because why not have a 5.56 version of the Cx4? It can use STANAG standard AR-15/M16 magazines or Magpul Pmags, which is okay I guess.

(Pictured; .22LR caliber civilian version of the ARX160) This baby is a really awesome one. Developed in the 2000s, it was meant to be in the same category of multipurpose, modular assault rifles as the HK G36/36K/36C, the SCAR, and so on, so forth. It has a grenade launcher that was designed alongside it, too. Obviously, the only civilian version one can buy is the .22 Semi-Auto one.

Next episode is up to you guys, by vote: Heckler and Koch or Walther?
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  1. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Forgot the ARX picture, srry:

  2. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    Damn, this is very interesting. Had no idea Beretta was the oldest active gun company, dang.

    Do Heckler and Koch next :3
  3. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Thanks. And seeing as nobody else is voting, sure wyanut.
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