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Reptar's Blog Day One

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Got not much to say except that I am working on new writings and I will be gladly showing stuff like that through my blog here. Cool thing this here blog but alas poor yourik that is the only compliment I have for VBulletin lol.

Anyways in other news I spent all day working and than I went and sat next to Chibee whilst she slept and I watched all episodes of Season 4 of Psych.

I guess I will use this blog as a platform for my ADD too and my desire to share my thoughts on things so I have this for now.

Psych is amazing, Season 4 was great a little bit crazier than seasons past but still wonderful I was sad for a while with the (spoiler) between Sean and Juliet but when the (spoiler) happened it was all okay.

Overall this is one of the better comedies out there, a must see if you like to laugh - 9/10

That's all I got...like it or don't its late and I'm bored.