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Okay, blogs. That's weird. Whatever, I'll use them to my advantage.

So here's the deal. I've been wanting to post something like this somewhere for a while, but have been too lazy to do it. It's also kind of hard to word this exactly the way I want to, so bear with me.

I'm not necessarily leaving the forum, let me make that clear. If I were to leave the forum, that post would have come way earlier. If you haven't noticed, I've been REALLY inactive lately, and there are multiple reasons why:

  1. I've been generally busy. I'm making a Phoenix Wright fan game, I'm still writing the novel for Nate's cancelled novel contest, and I got a Tumblr, which has been occupying a ton of my time. If you want to follow me, you can find me at, or on deviantART (used much more rarely) at Not the best time for self-promotion, I know, but it'll most likely be the only way to contact me for sure. I'm not e-mail notified when things happen on dA, so if you want to contact me, do so on Tumblr.
  2. ERB is obviously on break. When the series continues in September, I might be more active, what with new hints and whatnot. In the meantime, I've been watching VideoGameRapBattles and Animeme Rap Battles, both of which are decent if you need your fix of Rap Battling during this break. (Forgive me if these have been spoken of already, I'm paying NO attention to what's been going on on the forum.
  3. VBulletin. I'll be straightforward about this: I don't like VBulletin, and I really want phpBB to come back. But it doesn't seem like it's going to return, so that's why I haven't been talking about it the three times I've been here since the site change. VBulletin took away a lot of the things that I loved about the old forum and a lot of the things that made it feel like home, such as:

  • Centered banners.
  • A "View Your Posts" button, which I used to navigate the old forum.
  • No difference between "avatars" and "profile pictures"
  • An option bar in a readable location. I can't change things as efficiently with both a "My Profile" and a "Settings" button, as it was all better as "User Control Panel".
  • Automatic subscription to ALL threads I post in. I hate that I have to make a checkbox thing to make sure I can go to the makeshift "View Your Posts" page that I have bookmarked as the forum. I only have FIVE posts there, only TWO of which are things that sort of regularly change.
  • And other things that don't come to mind now.

Losing all of these things that made the forum what it was makes it really hard for me to want to go onto the forum, but I don't see any way of getting around that change, so I'm not going to start a petition or anything. Please don't consider this a boycott of the forum or anything, that's not what I want this to be. Just consider that my rant on VBulletin, and I hope that that's the last I speak of it.

So what I've decided to do is make clear that I'm not leaving the forum, but instead that I'm going to be REALLY inactive. I'll get on once in a blue moon, and I probably won't comment on anything unless I feel the need to. I guess you can consider this the end of my Fanmade ERB series, and the Fanmade DRFH series for which only one episode (a not-serious one at that) was made. If phpBB for some reason makes a miraculous return, I will most likely be more active, but don't think that the forum change is the only thing keeping me away. I'm busy (in a good way) with a ton of stuff, and there's no ERB stuff for me to discuss, so I'm going to be quite inactive from now on.

I don't think this will be a hiatus sort of thing, but just know that I'm still here. I'll definitely post opinions if I think that this is a better place to post them than Tumblr is, and I'll totally show you guys the novel for the cancelled contest when I'm done with it. I wasn't writing it just for the contest, so that will come. And if I ever want to post stuff about my fangame on the forum, I will. But just know that these events will probably be far in the future, if at all. Consider this me lurking in the shadows. I want it to be something epic like that.

I don't know if I'll reply to comments here or not. I'll probably only reply if I need to clarify something or if another circumstance occurs. So, in probably the most accurate way I can put this, I'll see you around.



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