So You Know-a 'bout Klonoa - Post #13

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Okay, what do I have to talk about today? Well, I've been thinking about making another more permanent OC. OCs like David and Ujarak are examples of what I call permanent. They stick with me and I stick with them. They don't leave me. Well, OCs like Galvan and Douse are not really permanent. They're kinda stashed in my OC archive somewhere.

Either I make one of them more permanent, or I come up with another one myself. Or maybe I shouldn't, since having the ones I have right now are enough on my plate. I dunno.

This may be the most boring blog post ever. Oh! You know what I don't like? Typos on a phone. But I can't help it! It's hard to type fast and well on a tiny screen. Poor Juiz seems to get the butt of my typo antics.

Well, I don't have much to say today. For now, this is Klonoa, signing off! Wahoo!


  1. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    maybe OC Village will make Galvan permanent :P