The Worst Album Art Ever

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As a lot of you gys know, im a bit of a music nerd. And since my Everything Wrong With Songs is on a hiatus, id thoguth id poke fun at some terrible album artwork in the meantime. Note that i havent listened to any of these albums and that the cover art may not represent the album well, etc. etc.

Fuck where do i begin? The font doesnt look like its on fire, it looks like it has some disease or something. Second, those costumes look like something someone bought for 5 dollars in the kids section of a costume shop. Third, the guy on the left has..okay facepaint i guess. It looks like he at least put SOME effort into it but the guy on the right looks like he lazily slapped his on with no real rhyme or reason. Also, "Great for the whole Family!"? This looks like a metal band and i doubt that many parents want their 5 year old singing along to metal. And..."I Want A Walmart Girl?" What the FUCK does that even mean? Also, "Featuring the HIT". HIT. What kinda fucked up world do you come from where "I want a walmart" is a fucking hit?

What the FUCK is up with your damn hairstyle? I mean, it looks fucking awful. How much gel or whatever does it take to keep that shape and why the fuck would anyone WILLINGLY do that? Also, your blue suit is fucking tacky as hell. Even IF he didnt have the horrible hair or the ugly suit...this is such a bland cover. At least with other album artwork thats bad you can tell what Genre it is or tell what style of music it is but this? Its so generic and bland that it'd leave no impact without the damn ugly hair or suit.

[img][.img] nothing, its too obvious. Even if you take out the...unfortunate title, it sort of suffers from the same thing as the last album, its generic. Its just a picture of, I assume, this Dick Black guy. Theres no artistry to it or creative ideas. At least you can kinda tell the genre because he's carrying accordion? ithink? Cant he have just gone by Richard Black or something instead? ANY OTHER NAME BUT DICK BLACK.

ill giv ur mam mah furious D ooooooooooooooooooo- What, also too obvious? Fine...the art is awful. Just look at the head, it doesnt fit at all with the body on the art. It looks so lazilyl added on. Also, whats everyone's obsession with fucking blue?

Dance Before the Police Come? Why? Will they arrest us for dancing? Or not dancing? This is so silly and stupid its awesome, the black pants that are too fucking high, the realistic looking nunchuck with the obvious fake blades they got from the toy section of a 99 Cent Store, They look so serious and that band name is just so In your face. Also....[Insert Aerosmith joke here with Shut up and Dance]

OH. MY. GOD. This is so 1990's its...terrible and amazing at the same fucking time. Who the fuck spells online as On-Line? People in the 90's didnt even do that. Theres not much to say, this is so 1990's. Trick Daddy looks so tired and sweaty and worried. I assume its because he's still using Thugscape. Come on, dude. Upgrade to Thug Torch or Thuggie Chrome or at LEAST Interthug Explorer or something.

Well thats it, if you want more I can do some more at some point I guess.


  1. Mike Hat's Avatar
    I'm laughing pretty hard at that top one tbh

    Looking at bad album art is pretty fun.

    One of the images isn't working for me though.
  2. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    "A taste of Dick Black"..... How did he not... uh..

    Also the second guy should stay in Miami
  3. Moonjik's Avatar
    Um wow
  4. Levi Skirving's Avatar
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