So You Know-a 'bout Klonoa - Post #14

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Attention! For OCBR, you may now submit two OCs! Please see Lyra and his post in the thread for more details. Based on the number of people who signed up and will sign up, 20 is a very good number.

So the podcast got filmed yesterday. The video will take 17 hours to be uploaded completely, though, and it still has to be processed. This might take a while. I'm excited to see it though. There is the culmination of hard work put in by Lyra, YN, Juiz, and a whole bunch of other people too.

I wonder if people will watch it. It might raise our popularity. Anyway, I don't have much to say today. But then again I say that every day. This is Klonoa, signing off! Wahoo!


  1. YellowNerd's Avatar
    I'm hyped for OCBR, I submitted my 2nd OC "Akira" and hopefully you guys will like her.

    I'm hyped af for the podcast as well!