Sigmund Freud

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Yes, Sigmund Freud. Now before you call this man a pervert, that's not true. He thought everyone else was a pervert. But in all serious, we all need to remember Freud's theories. Sure he came up with penis envy and the Oedipal Complex, but let's remember everything else he came up with that helped shape psychology into what it is today.

The unconscious-
S. Freud thought that the unconscious dealt with repressed ideas. Basically ideas that were repressed consciously, but the idea never left the brain. The unconscious kept that idea. To prove this, S. Freud had patients (that had mental disadvantages) that could not explain some of their actions and behavior without reference to ideas or thoughts they were not aware of. Your unconscious deals with ideas that you are not aware of each day. The unconscious is an idea that psychologists today accept.

Id, ego, and super-ego-
This idea was brought by Freud. These are all unofficial-official parts of the brain. I mean, it's not like you'd find these parts of the brain active under an MRI, but they're part of the psyche. The "Id" contains all of the instinctive stuff and things that deal with immediate pleasure. Such as hunger, survival, and of course sex. The super-ego deals with the morality of the psyche. The ego tries to find a balance between the impractical hedonism of the id, and the impractical morality of the super-ego.

You know the idea that dreams could be interpreted, and if done so correctly could tell us about what situation or what our wants is/are? Sigmund Freud created that. He created the idea that dreams could tell someone about someone's wants, and dreams occur as a way to retrieve those wants without consequences.

You know that stereotypical psychotherapist where you sit on the couch and talk about your problems and the therapist helps you with them? Freud all up in that fo-shizzle. It's been proven useful, at least in some situations.

Freud was a cocaine user, and when he specialized in medicine, he prescribed it to his patients as an anti-depressant and a pain reliever.

I just wanted people to remember some of the good things that Freud did. Sure he has his incorrect theories and such, but I mean for what we remember about him today, this is a great wake up call. Thanks for reading, and as always, don't forget to be awesome.


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