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Song of the Day Thing #81

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The same guy who ended up getting me into Sufjan Stevens also introduced me to this band. They're super calming, although as of yet I've only listened to half of one of their albums (this one). This has been my favorite song so far. The vocals are real stand-outs here. They compliment the background music in a way a lot of other songs really can't do. I heavily recommend this Depression Cherry album, at least this first half that I've listened to :P


  1. Lohuydahutt's Avatar
    I was expecting this to be more folksy, but I guess Sufjan has done electronic stuff too. Depression Cherry is an IMPECCABLE album name btw. But yeah, this song is nice. Not sure it intrigues me enough to want to immediately get the rest of the album, but still
  2. Mike Hat's Avatar
    Yeah, the title of the album is what made me check this one out first. This song is honestly pretty indicative of the rest of the album I think, so if you aren't captivated by it you probably won't get much out of the rest of the album either.
  3. Patrickhitefoo's Avatar
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