Preview of my Biggest Story Ever

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Ever wonder why Chronicles of Juiz and Erboh: Virtual Hell were put on halt? (Sambama and SfS are canned). Well it's because I've been working on this behemoth. Months, months, months. Research, character definitions, forming a surface story, forming a subsurface story. It's all finished, so I'm gonna try and make this one hell of a journey. The story is named Citradel, which is the name of a pretty important location within the realm of the story. The story is split into 5 Acts (act separations are stated), each act comprised of several arcs (arc separations aren't stated). I honestly have no clue how long this story will last, but I hope you guys enjoy it regardless, because it's been huge.

Why not build some hype with a quick excerpt?


The end of the world never begins how you think it would. You assume there'd be mass panic or some indication of the rough ride ahead. That's not what happened though. My friends and I were sitting on the curb near our houses, talking about what we would do later in the evening. For what humanity had pictured stuff to be like in 2159, I don't know, but nothing was that drastically different. In 2100, however, a new world ally made itself aware. Neptunians. Aliens from the planet Neptune, weird looking and genetically superior. Like every classic alien movie, they said they came in peace, and explained their history. It was boring, but we watched in surprise, learning of how they were the only other inhabited planet, but they had colonized across the known universe. As we spoke, these aliens made a visit to Earth. We were surprised to hear the sounds of a Neptunian ship, knowing there was no mistaking its odd hum.


Small, I know. Not to worry though, as the first exciting episode, "Abduction", will be available very soon.