Song a Day or whatever #88+89

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Here's another random ass double feature because memes

Not particularly impressed by the other Lumineers stuff I've heard, but I still love this one in particular.

I'm liking this album so far, haven't listened to it enough to have a full opinion on it tho.


  1. Mike Hat's Avatar
    O hey I've heard a few Lumineers songs but I hadn't heard that one. Yeah their other stuff didn't leave much of an impression on me.

    and Turn on the Bright Lights was a good album, I remember. Listened to it... about 13 months ago I think. Was like "wow this is pretty good" then the next new album I listened to was Kid A so I kinda forgot about it.
  2. Poles's Avatar
    I like Kid A
  3. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Even Turtle's posted ES Posthumus before you now man
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