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I have no idea how to start this off, so let's start like this: I love ponies!

There, now we can get into the crux of this blog post...

I've been dealing with some feelings and emotions for the past couple of days, and I'd rather not get into them. Just know that's the main part of the reason for the events of a couple days ago. I apologize to anyone I may have given a small fright to by me logging off suddenly, but I know there aren't many of you who gave it a second thought so I rest easy with that in my mind.

That being said, these feelings that I have, they're.. I guess you could say, sorta turning me away. Uhh... I wish I could phrase it differently, really I do, but I'm having a shit time trying to come up with the proper words. Usually I'm able to get across what's on my mind and make these posts seem really well-thought out, but I have none of that. Really, I'm just rambling and typing this as I go along.

I really only logged on today because one of my main fears.. I've overcame them. Those of you who remember the anonymous posts about someone being scared about getting a job and having problems with speaking to their family and overall just dissatisfied with life... yeah, ya probably figured, but that was me.

I really don't feel all too different currently. I may have a little more confidence, and now I have something to hold onto and a drive to go forward with my life, but I do still feel some remnants of my self-consciousness, but...

I got a job! In fact, I clinched a job at a diner on the weekends, and I have an interview tomorrow to work at my local zoo (my father's position and contacts helped pull some strings so it's almost a shoe-in (shoe-win, shoo win? Never had to spell that before) though).

So, really, it comes down to this:

I may start becoming very, very inactive. Some of it is because of feelings and emotions that I have, but it's also because I'll be a bit busier with work.

Man, this is just really... subpar. Not my best typing or tact. :/ This really is just a rambling, garbled mess, but I owed it to a select few of you who I know have been at least a tad worried.

So, those people and my friends: don't worry, I'm hanging in there. I'm just choosing my cards, playing them, and hoping for the best. As my signature says, "Don't bet on sinking ships or they will turn your chips to trash. You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash."


  1. Juiz's Avatar
    Congrats on the job! (May be a bit premature, but as you said that you're a shoe-in/shoe-win/shoo-win, I'll say it anyways!

    If you have to tone down your activity for whatever reason, I'm sure everyone will understand, and be here for when you decide to come on/can come on.
  2. Mike Hat's Avatar
    Nice job on the... uh, jobs!

    Hopefully your emotions can resolve without getting the better of you. Good luck in the future!
  3. Klonoa's Avatar
    Hey Star, that's great! Congrats!

    I'm glad everything is working out, in a way. Keep hanging onto that drive to keep your head up, yeah? And don't worry about being a little inactive or a lot more inactive. I mean, I'm busy over 20 hours a week and I still manage to get some things done, even if it's not a lot.

    Good luck at your job!
  4. Moonjik's Avatar
    Congratulations man :D I'm happy for you. Hang in there ^^