Song a Day or whatever #97+98+99

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Ahhh this album. I still don't really like the music much, but it's at least tolerable, and since I can tolerate the music, it gives me some room to enjoy the quite certainly above average lyrics.

"Faith is to be awake" OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH so that's why I'm always so tired, because I'm an atheist! Got it.

But seriously, good stuff lyrically any way. Musically this song isn't too bad either, well, until it hit that dumb synth solo thing... otherwise it's fine.

Ahhhh Neutral Milk Hotel, stay weird, always stay weird. Well, since the band's not making any more music last time I checked I guess it's not changing by default... well, either way, this is a song. Not even sure exactly what it's about, like some chick he had sex with a lot but didn't have a meaningful relationship... and then it becomes about Anne Frank... or maybe he was fucking Anne Frank the whole time... or maybe it just SEEMS like it connects to Anne Frank... I don't fucking know man. Either way, I like it.

You know, I had no damn clue what Kevin Parker was singing here but... when I checked the lyrics out... well, they're pretty fucking good I'll say that much. Seems like a weird mismatch with the music, but whatever, that's Tame Impala for you. They could be singing the most depressing shit ever but they'd still just be singing the song to the tune of a tripfest like this. And you know what? That's completely fine.

I also walk home pretty often, so I guess this is a good song to have on hand any way.


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