The Best Video Game Dads

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Alright, I've been thinking about the best/worst mother/father in video games, and this combination seems to be the most difficult. However, I think I have pulled together three semi-serious choices for the title. And since Juiz finished his thread before I could post this, it's going here.

1. James McCloud. Now, this is an odd choice because he isn't actually there for most of the game. Out of the original Star Fox, he was the one to die on the doomed mission to Venom, with Pigma betraying the team and siding with Andross and Star Wolf, and Peppy escaping with his life to become a mentor to his son in the second generation of Star Fox. But his sole appearance in the game makes him worthy of this spot. I mean, it is up for interpretation whether he did die or not and whether or not he was just an illusion, a mirage that Fox was seeing, but I choose to believe that, in the endgame of Star Fox 64 when Fox is fleeing from the exploding lab on Venom, it was James McCloud's ghost guiding him. It's just what seems to make the most sense to me, with it disappearing as soon as Fox exits the base and it being able to actually guide him in the right direction. In an attempt to fix him being missing from Fox's life, he saves it when he succeeds where he failed. He gives commentary as to how he's proud of what Fox has managed to achieve, tying in with the earlier Peppy comment "Your father would be proud". Also, he just plain comes back from the dead to save a guy. That's top notch father material right there.

2. The Professor Layton series certainly has numerous good fathers. The titular character himself is a great guy to everyone, especially to Luke, to which he's a particularly brilliant role model and father figure. He's always looking out for him, willing to believe him, and allows him to take an animal on every other adventure. However, he is just a father figure. I believe that it is the first game, the Curious Village, in which we see the works of the greatest father in the series. The game itself starts off with the news of Baron Augustus Reinhold death reaching Layton and Luke (of course he had died quite a bit prior, but that's not important). Actually, the events after the death aren't that important, so I'll rewind a bit. Basically, his wife Violet died very soon after his one child, Flora, was born. This led to him pledging to love this daughter as much as he did his wife, which instantly gains him points, seeing that other parents in this situation blame the child. This all went great for a while, until he found out that he was terminally ill, which did throw a wrench in his long term plans. So what does he do? Nope, not what you're thinking. He builds an entire f**king village (the one featured in the game), filled it with robots, all so Flora could be cared for in the best possible way until she was old enough to care for herself. That is, unless someone with enough intelligence to match the village's programmed puzzle enthusiasm came along, in which case he left enough clues for that person to become the guardian of Flora. So, in summery, this guy loved his daughter with all his heart, built an army of robots just to keep her safe, and purposefully made it so only someone smart and compassionate could adopt her. Sure, the fact he essentially kept her isolated from any and all real human life could count against her, but I'd like to see your dad match this amount of caring.

3. The father from Who's Your Daddy. For those of you who don't know, Who's Your Daddy has a cast of two, the dad and the baby, with the former constantly trying to stop the baby from killing themselves. Now, pretty much everything can kill this baby (save fall damage, oddly) from batteries to foam balls to bleach, they can quickly move around the house using vents, and they simply don't know when to stop. Basically, this kid is an unadulterated asshole. Any normal mortal would just say, "F**k it, here's the bleach, the actions of your mum when she gets back will be NOTHING compared with what you're putting me through right now." But not this daddy. He tirelessly follows the baby, constantly giving it medicine, trying to take dangerous items out of it's reach and trying to fulfil what seems to be a hopeless quest. Many called him foolish, saying that he would never succeed, that the baby was doomed to die. But he didn't listen. He persisted, and through his hard work and determination managed to keep the baby alive until the mother got home. That is why the Who's Your Daddy Daddy is the greatest dad in video games.

Y'know, unless the baby does die, then he's pretty much one of the worst video game fathers.


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    Actually it's "All dads"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    Actually it's "All dads"
    And this is why my next blog will be the worst video game fathers, to disprove this statement.
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