So You Know-a 'bout Klonoa - Post #15

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After Help Me first ended, within the next few weeks a ton of people actually came to me asking whether or not I had another Help Me game planned.

And you you know what I told them? I said I had no intention of making another one. I mean, I was convinced that I couldn't top the first one. Plus, sequels tended to be more bland or not as good as the first one.

And a little bit later, I dwelled on other potential Help Me games, like for David or Skye or for a whole new OC. I couldn't come up with anything that interested me though, and so the whole idea of another Help Me was shelved.

But recently an idea began stirring inside my brain. And while it won't come out in the near future, I most definitely will do another Help Me eventually!

You could call it Help Me 2! ...No, more like Help Me Too, am I right?



No, no. It would be more accurate if I called it Help Me Again.


  1. Faker's Avatar
    No, no... Help Me Too is fine. You actually got a laugh out of me with that one! X3