Katz's Non-Single Gorillaz Song of the Day #1 - Some Kind of Nature (ft. Lou Reed)

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Album: Plastic Beach

Featured Vocalists: Lou Reed (guest), Damon Albarn

Track Number: 9

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Promotional Artwork:
Lou Reed Gorilla-fied courtesy of Jamie Hewlett

Input: This song features the American legend, Lou Reed, providing main vocals, backed up by Damon Albarn. If I had to give one definite example of an overlooked Gorillaz gem, it would hands down be this song. This song combines dark vocals and instrumentals in the perfect way, creating a pleasant experience for your ears. Now, unfortunately, Lou Reed passed away on October 27th in his home state of New York, as a result of liver complications, at the age of 71. He was a great singer, and an even greater person.

1942 - 2013