I Love Sushi

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[Older Man] - "I love Japan period!"

[Indistinct] - "Mhm"

[Woman] - "The tea ceremonies."

[Young Girl] - "J-Rock!"

[Table] - *Mumbling 'yeah'*

[Teenage Boy] - *Pointing* "Girugamesh!"

[Crowd] - "Oh yeah!"

[Androgynous Boy] - "I love anime!"

[Young Girl #2] - *through crowd's cheers* "And manga!"

[Older Man #2] - *raising ramune glass* "And gaming!"

[Crowd] - *Cheers interrupted*

[Foreign Man] - "Ah, DDR!"

[Crowd] - "Yeah!"

[Older Woman] - "Smile DK!"

[Sushi Chef] - "私は、生殖器疣贅を持っています!"


-fade to sakura con promotion-


  1. davesmithwrites's Avatar
    I love sushi and anime as well. My job is writing paper for manga on and it's the greatest thing to work with your hobby. I learned in college and it was so boring I couldn't stand it.