31 Days of Halloween Annoucement

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So I tried to get a community idea for what to do for the finale

For those who are new! Every year (mostly) I've done a 31 days of Halloween Celebration! Were I post 31 Halloween related pictures everyday and some music. Every year there has been a story or a theme. Anyway the 31st Day (Being Halloween) all climaxed to a finale. At first it was a simple finale with just a drawing that was suppose to represent the theme as a whole. But I grew more and more complex the more I did it. The final year it resulted with a "tour" around a Haunted Mansion with all sorts of ERB related material as well as some of your favorite fourmers singing a special rendition of Spooky Scary Skeletons! But I sat and pondered. What do I do next?! How do I top that. I have greatly improved my drawing skills (if I do say so myself). So how to I amp up the finale this year. Since I really don't know if I will being doing this again.

I only did last year because I was asked

i did this year because at that point it became traditions

Yes I know I skipped a year and half assed another year

But besides that.

I tried to ask the community what would they like to see.

I didn't get far. Hell I havn't got far in taking requests for what people would like to see drawn this year! So I digress I've made up my mind as to what I will do.

I'm going to hold a little contest. Well...actually excuse me. That's not quite true. I will be holding several level difficulties of contests.

The prizes? we will get to later...

So what would one must do to win these contests? simple really. Let's dive right into it.

Tier 1: Easy

You must answer 4 simple questions accurately. I will accept the first person to have 100% correct on this one.

The questions are:

List the themes of the 4 (this year included) 31 Days of Halloween themes.


But wait you cry! What is this years theme? What was the first years theme?

I guess it is a little subjective. So I will take the ones for answers 1 and 4 that seem most appropriate/accurate. But 2 and 3 did have a specific theme.

BONUS point in case you got a wrong answer

name the theme of the 31 Day theme that never happened. I did announce it but it never took place

The Prize: I will do a free commission of anything you would like. Doesn't have to be Halloween themed and it could be of any medium.

Lame prize? maybe. But that's why I really amped up the other prizes.

Tier 2- Hard Difficulty

Simple again I think at least.

Name all 4 hosts of each 31 Day of Halloween event

Why is this hard? Because I never explicitly states the Hosts. But I guarantee they all showed up at one point. In some medium or another. Even this years host has already been seen.

BONUS point; tell me or describe what the cancelled host for the cancelled 31 Day theme was going to be. He too showed up at one point or another.

But wait you cry! There are 3 tiers and the first was Easy and the 2nd was Hard? Where is Medium?


So the Prize- I will live stream a personal drawing for you again of anything you want and in color. On top of that you will get to choose/design next years host

Insurance policy- if I don't do the 31 Day's again in 2017 then I will post your design/choice around Halloween and describe what I was going to do that year.

Now for the Final Level

Tier 3- Halloween God

This I would say is impossible because I'm not sure if even I have the answers readily available though I know I can get them.

These is a longer and larger questionnaire and will require some heavy memory or some research. There are a lot of questions that span all 4 years of this little tradition. I'm not going to post the questionnaire here. I will only give it out to people who think they are up to the challenge.

What makes this hard? You could just look back through the 100+ pages on this thread and find answers right?

Kinda. Except what I have become increasingly aware of is many of my pictures have disappeared! And my Video from year 3 is long since gone. So That is what makes it hard. You might have to piece it together based on text or other mentions of it elsewhere.

The Questionaire will also contain the questions of Tier 1 and 2 but you will not get prizes for them

But the Prize for Tier 3

I have done research on holographic cards like that in Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. and I have figured it out. So You get 100% or the highest grade on this questionnaire and I will personally send you 6 things.

1- A metal holographic card of the first host (the image being an original drawing by me)
2- A metal holographic card of the second host ((the image being an original drawing by me)
3- A metal holographic card of the third host ((the image being an original drawing by me)
4- A metal Holographic card of the fourth host (the image being an original drawing by me)
5- A metal holographic card of the cancelled host (the image being an original drawing by me)
6- a 11x8 metal holographic picture of something (anything you want) (the image being an original drawing by me)

and if I feel very generous

7- a metal holographic card of the next host designed by Tier 2 winner (the image being an original drawing by me)

and on top of that you will decide the theme for next year's 31 days of Halloween.

There is my finale.