[Spoiler] Five Nights At Freddies : Sister Location

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This blog post has spoilers, read at your own risk.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is a survival horror game and the fifth installment in the Five Nights at Freddy's series created by Scott Cawthon. (c) Wikipedia

As is the nature of the other FNAF games, Sister Location doesn't differ far from the other games- Which is repetitiveness and/or trial and error, Which isn't bad if handled correctly.

Sister Locations challenges your every sensory organ, The game is much better than the past games- It may seem like it's your usual FNAF with the "click here, look at that, click that and look back"- It only feels that way but in reality it's somewhat different, The game makes you use your ears and be aware of your surroundings and some parts challenges your ability to do things in rapid succession but with precision.

Let's talk about two of the five "challenges" of the game for now:

Ballora Gallery Crawl

This part challenges your ears and your patience, Ballora can only "hear" you- if you crawl too fast she'll hear you and it's basically game over, When she's very close and even if you're crawling slow- still game over.

The way to beat this part is to be patient, When she's near you will hear music- the louder the music the closer she is, You'll see her spinning around you when she's close- Just stop crawling when you hear her and it'll be easy.

The Breaker Room

Again, Patience is the key, This room needs you to "restart" all the systems- You will have to hold the restart button until it reaches 100%, Easy right? Not so, You have to watch out for the danger levels and the animatronic that's in the same room as you, It changes it's location from being on stage to almost next to you, To be honest this reminds of the reboot system from FNAF 3 + the music box from the other fnaf game.

Anyway, There are plenty other rooms but that's just some that intrigued me, There's also a room where you're inside an animatronic and you have to balance the spring loaded suit you're in and the "spider" like dolls that's crawling to you.

Sister Location have a few set of problems for me (Personally) , Before the patch of the "spider" room, It was unbelievably difficult- props to scott for fixing that shit, The breaker room is hard but not impossible.

Also the fact that some of these levels don't even tell you what to do, It's kind of hard going in blind.

But overall, It's a good balance of challenge and fun- I didn't talk about the "jumpscares" because no one really gets freaked out about Fnaf scares anymore since it's obvious.

Story wise though, It's the same old stuff FNAF always had, So many open "endings" and so many "what ifs" , There are so many things to speculate and as much as I love it, Some of it are confusing- but the game have little "easter eggs" that tells a small part of the story.

There are also these amazing easter eggs that the game has in it, One in particular is the FNAF 1 throwback mini game.


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    It's actually Five Night's at Freddy's: Sister Location~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Very informative, YN.

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