Nothing Trumps Understanding - Opinion Two

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As many of you guys have noticed, there has been a growing animosity between conservatives and liberals and others in this last election. I believe that by understanding each other and our world views, this animosity will decrease and peace will be a more believable goal. To help in my goal for understanding, Gunnut19 has answered the following questions.

Who do you support?
Johnson needs to win an election sometime, honestly. There are other good Libertarian potential nominees for 2020, but as a NM raised kid who likes the way Libertarians think, Gary Johnson was who I was rotting for, even if there was no way in hell the bipartisan system would make it so.

What about Johnson makes him appealing to you?
As a entry level tryhard for getting a job outside of my vocation, (Which thanks to the want for unionization is going to be made easier I hope.) the fact that my state wants to make minimum wage 12 dollars in short time, and increase it further would make the fact it's a right-to-work state (I.E. Unions don't have to be joined, but the Unions will make finding normally unionized work hell on earth for unaffiliated workers.) even worse. I've lost jobs that I interviewed at McDonald's to when my competition most in the running was some 20-something ex-meth head with a kid and GF that probably just had some bullshit fast food job way back when that made him somehow better for the position than me, at the time a 17 year old kid with no record, great academic history, and a lot of potential. These past 20 months have been hell for me in a world where even paying $9.47 an hour is too much for any corporate fast food place or LLC to risk it on a kid with no work experience at 17, even though it's the fact nobody will hire me that makes that the case.

What about the other candidates (mention as few or as many as you'd like) makes them less appealing than Johnson?
Jill Stein is a childishly dumbfounded airhead with no business in politics, Hillary to my wit of the DSM-5's workings is a straight up egocentric sociopath, with pneumonia who committed a federal offense before Bernie was even out of the running, and I really need to explain Trump's issues to anyone that doesn't support him?

Many have raised concerns as to his lack of knowledge about the world. When asked about Aleppo, he did not know what it was. When asked to name a living foreign leader he admired, he could not name one. What do you think of Johnson in regards to these concerns?
The dude made a simple gaff or two, he has a medical marijuana license, it's going to happen once or twice. Romney is sober as a motherfucker being Mormon and all and everyone knows all the sound bytes his campaign in 2012 created.

Many have raised concerns about all third party candidates that they "steal" votes from the two major candidates. What do you think of these claims?
If Libertarians voting Libertarian is stealing votes from your candidate, then they didn't deserve them in the first place, trying to guilt trip hard and fast supporters of non bipartisan parties into voting bipartisan like they try to do often.

As specific as you can be, what policies would you most look forward to in a possible Johnson administration?
Lower the minimum wage within reason to give kids like me a fighting chance, get the Department of Education neutered severely given it's tendency to use bullshit Zero-Tolerance policies these days, and probably legalize weed across 'Murica for those that would smoke that herb.

As specific as you can be, what non-policy based attribute about Johnson do you think made him the most qualified person to become president in the 2016 election?
He's not an idiot, racist, bigot, or sociopath. At least, as far as I can tell.

What is your opinion of supporters of the three other major candidates?
Stein supporters: Dumb kids that have too much student debt because they were idiots and took on a bunch of student loans, or the anti-vaxxers that still aren't convinced that it's idiotic; (They literally made Polio airborne again.) Trump supports are either legit thinking he could do good, racists, bigots, sexist, future or past/present rapists, and other sexual deviants that need to die in a hole or get serious professional help. That or misogynists that think women can't handle presidential power; Hillary's are mostly hard left Democrats, women voting with their ovaries, straw feminists and "humongous wot" types, men that are white-guilt laden and/or chemically and mentally neutered by the straw and third wave feminists that, say, propose a national holiday wherein all men and boys are castrated and this is celebrated like we're winning some shadow war against the Y chromosome, plus the fact that apparently the Obama's hate people with seasonal depression enough to make people like me, borderlining on osteoporosis, by disallowing whole milk even in a state that gets like five months of consistent sunlight like Washington State. Also egocentric sociopaths seem pretty likely for all of the other candidates' supporters' demographics, but to be fair there's always a few crazies in every bunch of apples, as it were.

My thanks to Gunnut again for his contribution.


  1. Poles's Avatar
    tbh these answers don't seem very respectful of differing opinions
  2. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    People who aren't Libertarian tend to not respect Libertarian opinions, so it works out I'd say.