Nothing Trumps Understanding - Opinion Three

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As we might have noticed, there was and is a growing animosity between conservatives and liberals (and indeed those in between) during the 2016 presidential election. I believe that this was partly due to people not knowing the world view and mindset of those who believe in other things. It is my hope that, through exposing opinions and mindsets of different types, we can become less ignorant, arrogant, and overall more peaceful and brotherly (or sisterly) with each other. In this post, SanicAtTheDisco has shared his opinion.

Who do you support?
Hillary Clinton

What about Clinton makes her appealing to you?
I have general leftist/Democratic leanings, and her policies generally fall in line with what I consider important. The extension of rights to all people, and specifically the extension of LGBTQ rights, is my most important issue, and I feel like Clinton would try to work towards achieving that. She's got pretty similar policies to Obama, which is a plus. She also seemed to adopt a few more leftist ideas for this election cycle; given that I supported Bernie before she won the primary, I think that helped push her up a little in my eyes.

What about the other candidates (mention as few or as many as you'd like) makes them less appealing than Clinton?
Well, let's see. Gary Johnson almost had my support at some points; again, the extension of LGBTQ rights is my number one priority, and I think that was more important to him than the other non-Clinton candidates. I also do see the appeal of Libertarian economics. However, some of his policies, specifically his desire to abolish the minimum wage, simply made him unattractive to me, and I never felt as though LGBTQ rights were a priority to him the way Clinton made them seem. When you've got a kid whose house gets burned down because he's a homosexual and he stops being able to afford anything decent because he and his mom can't find anything better than minimum wage, I can't in good conscience support Gary Johnson's policies.

Jill Stein has some good ideas, certainly, but a lot of her comments seemed... Out of touch with what I believe. She criticized Bernie Sanders for endorsing Hillary Clinton instead of her, which is just odd to me; of course Bernie is going to want to endorse the candidate who is actually a member of the same party and who adopted a lot of his ideas in response to his unexpected popularity. Plus she's said some wacko things about Wi-Fi and power sources in the past . Don't get me wrong, I think preservation of the environment is important, but I just don't think Stein was a good choice to lead our country.

And Trump... Well, let's see. I disagree with him on basically every major issue, from immigration to economics to Supreme Court nominations. That alone made him the least attractive candidate to me, but I also simply don't trust Trump. I try not to let personal life events affect my view of the candidates too much, but Trump's personal life decisions show a general disdain for everything I consider good. I think the idea of a man who supports what he calls "locker room talk" sets a very poor example for the rest of our country. If it's acceptable for the leader of our country to brag about adultery and sexual misconduct, then of course it's okay for everybody else to do too, right? That's another characteristic that makes Trump very scary to me. Not to mention the amount of friends I have that are legitimately scared of losing basic rights.

Many have raised concerns as to her possible prior knowledge about Benghazi and her subsequent inaction. What do you think about Clinton in regards to the Benghazi incident?
It's been brought up, but I don't really think she could have done anything any different in that situation. We've been victims to attacks like those for a while now, why is it different with Hillary?

Many have raised concerns as to her corporate ties and receiving money from perhaps shady sources, such as Wall Street, Putin, and even ISIS. What do you think about Clinton in regards to her possible cash collecting?
Even if she does receive shady donations, she seems to be actually interested in PREVENTING shady donations for politicians in the future, which indicates to me that she's not exactly the worst when it comes to that area. I'm not saying she definitely HASN'T ever gotten shady money before, but at least she seems to oppose it.

Many have raised concerns as to her political leaning actually being more conservative and not more liberal. Does this influence your view of her? If so, how?
It does. I'd certainly prefer her to showcase more liberal leanings. However, I'm not sure how effective more liberal policies would be given the current state of our country. Conservative politicians would oppose everything any liberal politician does anyway; it'd be very difficult for someone more liberal to get ANYTHING really done, as much as I'd appreciate more liberal leanings.

There was an uproar about Clinton's ties with the DNC in the possible "hacking" of the primary elections. Does this influence your view of her? If so, how?
I really don't think that was anything we can pin on her moreso than the DNC itself. It's dumb that things could've shaken up differently had the primaries been handled better, but that's a strike against the DNC more than Clinton herself IMO.

As specific as you can be, what policies would you most look forward to in a possible Clinton administration?
Honestly, mostly just continuing down the path Obama set us on. Under a Clinton administration, we could push for further advancements in LGBTQ rights, not worry about what rights they do have being taken away from them. The policies she would enact that would allow me to actually go to something other than community college would also be nice. I don't think it's fair that I will graduate high school with ~40 hours of college credit already complete and still be unable to afford college without financial aid.

As specific as you can be, what non-policy based attribute about Clinton do you think made her the most qualified person to become president in the 2016 election?
She's informed on issues and she's not an awful role model basically. People accuse me of being "hypocritical" for supporting Clinton when (so they say) she's said things proving she's "just as racist" as Trump. But see, even if she IS racist, at least she doesn't boast about it the way Trump does. At least she's not proud of it.

What is your opinion of supporters of the three other major candidates?
Most Trump supporters in my area voted for him because they think he'll bring coal mining back to America. To me, that's a very misinformed position. Trump can't actually really do anything about coal mining, and even if he could I don't believe he'd care. Most of his supporters I would honestly classify as misinformed; they voted for him because they think he can bring in policies that he realistically can't or won't. Of course, there are a number of reasons people voted for him, but I don't think many of them really thought out their position so much as couldn't realize he was pandering to them.

Johnson supporters mostly seem like they've got a similar mindset to me but with different life experiences. I've known far, far too many kids who had a single mom working minimum wage and who just couldn't afford anything more than absolute bare necessities. I don't think many people have known people with the same experience I personally have seen that sour me on Johnson, and I could see myself supporting Johnson more had I not been turned against Libertarian economics.

A lot of Stein supporters are probably a little farther left than me, but have pretty similar mindsets; they just aren't as bothered by some of her more controversial comments as I am.

My thanks again to Sanic for his contribution.


  1. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    For the record, I feel terrible about LGBTQ people getting attacked, killed, or having their lives ruined for it, but I still support Johnson's ideals given the fact that much of the government bureaucracy and such he'd do away with is the kind of stuff that ruins people's lives in technicalities. Zero-tolerance school policies, progressive minimum wage that directly leads to layings-off en masse, so on and so forth. If anything can run a life faster than people being bigoted assholes, (Trump may be bigoted to a point, but he wasn't called racist, anti-LGBTQ or sexist ever until he ran for president.) it's government bureaucracy and bullshit laws at local, state, and federal levels that make "Freedom" not at all free.

    Also taxation is theft