STL Blog #1

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This will be a twice weekly occurrence (after this week) where I give the updates from my life, area, and experiences, all from Saint Louis Missouri. If you have any feedback or suggestions, they would be well appreciated.

STL BLOG- Week 1

Hey guys! Hope this goes well.

I've been having a pretty relaxing January, as I do not have any school. I am a senior in high school, but at my school (a private school), you miss the month of January Senior Year to due Senior Project: Social service at a specific organization of your choice instead of going to school.

I work at a place called Giant Steps for my project, its a school for autistic children ages like 7ish to 21. Different levels of autism for sure, but most of them are emotionally, socially, mentally, or physically low-functioning to some noticeable degree. I obviously don't have homework so thats chill, but I have been occasionally attacked by an angry autistic child with thumbtacks, teeth, or fists. Overall though, definitely been a positive experience as some of the kids are cute, amiable, and hilarious.

I went and saw the movie "Why Him" with James Franco and Brian Cragston. It was ok, far from either man's best effort but still plenty enjoyable to laugh at as I was seeing it with some buddies. Comedies are always good to watch with buddies, but it does make for a being too loud for a quite place sorta hangout. The daughter in the movie pissed me off. But it was fun with friends.

And that Packers game though. Uprising must be so happy. I won't lie I'm rooting for them too.

I took a break from Giant Steps to go on a school retreat last week that was roughly 4 days (got cut down due to an incoming ice storm) that is famous for being good. On it, one night I unexpectedly received roughly 40 letters from family, friends, and others saying how they cared about me, good times, why I'm important in their life, etc. Everyone received letters and it moved many to tears. One of my buddies wrote in a "P.S." that the Packers were gonna win the Super Bowl, and his letter was really nice so I'm cheering for them now.

The rest of my family is hella sick with flu and I'm just waiting for it to be the weekend so I can go out.

Till next time, stay awesome!



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    Also: These blogs will get more in-depth with specific stories after this one
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    /(y) /5