A Song A Day - Day #46

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Do you guys have one of those drink machines with like, hundreds of different options for drinks? I love those man! They don't have many restaurants with those machines around here, basically just a Zaxby's an hour and a half away. We used to have a close-ish Fazzoli's but it got shut down. I never heard why, it always seemed healthy and did good business from what I hear. It had one of those cool drink machines too, I always loved experimenting with the different flavors even though a lot of them didn't exactly taste very good, it was still a fun experience. I'm lactose intolerant so I never went to Fazzoli's too much but I always found something else to eat that wouldn't make me sick (and I've got a pretty strong stomach besides) and man, did I love that drink machine. One time I really held up the drink machine line hahah, I just HAD to try as many different flavors as I could! The temptation was too strong, I just sat there, gulped down a drink, got another one, and just kept doing that for a couple minutes. Grape Sprite is really good and I wish they sold it in stores, but I guess it's just not popular enough to be sold at a regular establishment, which is a real shame because it tastes so good. I guess I can always hope though, huh? I had some pineapple Fanta once while I was down in Disneyworld, and then again when I visited the Coke bottling plant in Atlanta, and both times I just absolutely fell in love. That stuff is absolutely some of the most delicious stuff I've ever consumed. For years I complained about how they didn't sell it around here, at least not to my knowledge, and I swear to you I visited so many stores over the years looking for that stuff because I was so determined to get some. Well, it was all for naught... up until recently, that is, when I finally spotted them selling some in liter bottles at my local Wal-Mart! I couldn't believe my eyes, I was astounded, but sure enough, there it was, in all its pineapple-y glory. Man, I was so happy, I bought them out of their stock that day, and since then, it's like all the other stores around here have picked up on my love for it, because they've all started selling some pineapple Fanta as well. I buy that stuff all the time, it makes me super happy. I guess what I'm saying is, man, maybe if I hope that grape Sprite becomes a popular thing around here for long enough hard enough, they'll actually start selling it here. Dreams do come true, man. It would be glorious.

Also I'll sign up.