When Digging Through Some Old Papers...

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I was cleaning out my end table in my room because I'm going to be taking it to my new apartment. I found all these old papers, some contained ideas for stories, others were some old song I wrote which you can find most of them in my writings. I came across this one paper and I decided to read through it... only to find out that it's really fucking hilarious and I'm not even sure if I actually wrote it. It just sounds so very odd and not like something I would write.

So I figured I'd show you guys what it said:

"Ya know this is!

We used to ditch school and head straight to the Wal(-Mart)
Just so we can be the first ones to get them all.
Return to school by lunch time and uh, what now,
And today we in the club like, what now.
You better look down, cuz I - I know you see 'em. (Say wha?)
I know you see 'em (Say wha?) I know you see 'em. (Of course)
Two thousand foot of greens, Two hundred foot of reds.
And uh, sure I'm a rock these threads.
You see my kitchen man, I represent the fridge, cuz even at the fridge, I represent the fridge.
I pop my fruit in and let my grape hang. I put my wrist down and get ready to eat the thing.
I get 'em free (Say wha?) But I pay,
And If I want I'll eat a different kind of grapes every day.
But different size and different colour is a must but uh,
It's all good til I get my first'd dropped, and I'm like,
"Hell no! Ain't no way!" (What's wrong, man?) "He just stepped on my grapes!" (Wha?)
"He just stepped on my grapes!" (Wha?) "He just stepped on my grapes!" (These grapes were fresh!)
"He just stepped on my grapes!" (I can't believe it!) "He just stepped on my grapes!"

Was I high or something?


  1. Poles's Avatar
    That was amazing.
  2. Faker's Avatar
    So kids what did we learn today? Not to step on Dion's grapes.
  3. YellowNerd's Avatar
    Don't do drugs dion
  4. Baldy Jr's Avatar
    gib me moar homohyperior
  5. Moonjik's Avatar
    The dangers of alcohol right here, folks.
  6. Dion's Avatar
    Did a little research and my memory was jogged. Turns out I wrote a parody of a song:

  7. Faker's Avatar
    Your version is better.
  8. Umbreon's Avatar
    That was beautiful