What are the ways to earn money from a mobile app?

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A lot of mobile development companies are earning by making useful applications for their users. They add premium versions and different new features. Also, charge an amount against it. Another way is offering a paid mobile application. According to the mobile app developers UK, companies are making strategies and asking for money even for the new update in the app.

Some of the ways of earning money from a mobile app are:

  • Through different subscriptions.
  • By Add-on and giving extra features.
  • Providing premium services.
  • For monthly or yearly upgrades.

However, various aspects are explained for making money from mobile applications.


  1. Mariamarchant's Avatar
    Nowadays, people can earn money through mobile apps. Mobile app Development Company develops amazing and unique for the users through this they earn money. Besides this, there are many other ways to earn money through mobile apps. A post from the best software house in Karachi highlights several ways to earn money from a mobile app. It included 11 monetization strategies that are:

    • Selling merchandise
    • Physical purchases
    • Subscription
    • Crowdfunding
    • Advertisement
    • Sponsorship
    • In-app purchases
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