How to make a data code book for marketing?

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The first step is to create a codebook, which is a comprehensive summary of all your data that includes the name of each variable, the values it accepts, and a detailed explanation of how that variable is operationalized.

Making a copy of your questionnaire, writing variable names in the margins, and entering numeric codes in each response category blank is the simplest way to build a codebook for questionnaire data.

Data Entering ghostwriting agency will show you how to use SPSS' interactive features to complete data entry.

It's actually faster to complete data entry by generating a raw data file and a separate data capture command file, but you'll need some SPSS programming knowledge to do so.

The wonderful thing about the interactive features is that you don't need to know any command language; the interactive programme takes care of everything.

(Note: A manual for SPSS can be found from Powell's Technical Books if you want to learn how to develop your own data capture routines.)

Setting up your data file in SPSS is the initial step in data entering.

These are the names of the variables.
In the box, type the variable name (8 characters or fewer, from your codebook).

To modify the variable type, click "Type...".
Give each response its own variable name and code it as "1" for "Marked this response" or "0" for "Did not mark this response."
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