Miley Cyrus rant with a tad of Jusin bieber

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Ah... Miley Cyrus,
Two years ago, was a good girl on Disney channel, now she left Hannah Montana to become a professional slut. Thank you Miley. The first hint of her sluttiness? The "we can't stop" video. Was that enough for her? Apparently not. VMA 2013, she did the impossible, she outslutted Lady Gaga. How? Twerking, shoving her ass so far Robin Thickes dick she had an orgasm, and her tongue. Yeah I know she's older, but she has kids as admirers, next thing you know kids are going to give blowjobs at age 5, thank you Miley(again). After VMA, the future porn star releases a song called twerk. Ok, that was expected, but who's featuring? Justin Fuckig Bieber, a good boy last year to a future man whore. Listen to song, watch the VMA, and see your thought of bitch #1 and smaller bitch #2 in comments below.


  1. Noremac2100's Avatar
    I have a few questions...

    1. How long do you suppose the Disney Channel Stars need to hold the perfect angel stigma?

    2. Definition of Slut what is it?

    3. Lady Gaga a slut? provide using answer from #2

    4. Did Robin Thickes dick actually penetrate her?

    5. How old do you suppose she is?

    6. Kid admirers? well let me do some math here. 2006-2011. 6.2 million views. kid target ages 11-14 now to 2013 minimum ages 19 - 14 (bare minimum) +/- 1 year. Where are these kid admirers coming from?

    6b. Where do parents need to step in?

    7. Who made this twerking thing possible? the same people watching her perhaps? same age range teens - young adults?

    8. This isn't a question but I think the exaggerated example of a 5 year old is too much of an exaggeration. Again refer to 6b.

    9. Future porn star? Didn't she turn down an offer in porn?

    10. Bieber. Douchbag or whore?

    11. Songs are fine Videos are edgy no?

    12. Now tell me. How does she directly affect your life?

    I assure you if you were with Disney for 5 years where they attached this little angel stigma to you and you grew up to be an adult able to make their own decisions with this stigma attached you'd want to give Disney the middle finger. Do I care for her? Not really. Well I guess the well being but she is an adult and able to make her own decisions. I assure you there are at least 2 million people older and younger than her who do worse or the same. The only difference is people know her name and she has money and a camera pointed in her face 22/7.

    After working with Disney developing your own identity within the business is hard. You still have a halo on your head until you do something out of the water. What harm is she causing? No one is forcing people to watch this. Her fanbase since Hannah Montana has matured and probably made the twerking thing popular before she did it.

    and unlike other moments of the VMA this one will not be remembered like Madonna's, Michael Jackson or Nsync (not 2013). It will be forgotten like the rest of the VMA performances no one remembers.

    Also the real problem I had this was the entire thing was the diction. Don't use the word Slut and whore so lightly.

    *Also I wont defend Justin Bieber. He's being a douchbag for controversy because thats the only way he will stay in the news
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  2. Moonjik's Avatar
    Miley is a slut, so what?
  3. Samos's Avatar
    The song Twerk is seriously the worst song I've ever heard in my life. I'm not exaggerating.
  4. Baldy Jr's Avatar
    Holy crap Noremac.
  5. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Noremac1600
    *The SNIP went on for a century...*
    The Doctor at his best.
  6. ZoroarkPKMN's Avatar
    The big twist: she's not even 21
  7. Dion's Avatar
    I'm a bigger slut than she will ever be.
  8. Facilier's Avatar
    You know nothing of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga
    nothing of their secrets

    but fuck JB right
  9. LAWLzoR's Avatar
    ~Lance Armstrong - Did drugs and possibly hurt his own health in the possibility of creating an addiction to the performance enhancing drugs.
    ~Most Football Players (Yeah I know this isn't true, but I know that there is quite the amount of football players that apply to this) - On charges of assault, drug possession and make millions of dollars for playing football.
    ~Che Guevara - Rumored to have killed and slaughtered many people in death camp like facilities and caused Cuba to get into a dictorial-communist state

    all of these people seem to have a better reputation than Miley Cyrus who, like many other celebrities, did drugs, did charities, and did stupid things. Guys. Get over yourselves. She twerked and she changed. Fig bucking deal.
  10. 3's Avatar
    Also, there's a new Miley Cyrus music video named Wrecking Ball which shows parts of the videos of her naked.

    She became even a BIGGER slut. But I'm fucking over it.
  11. Noremac2100's Avatar
    Really? A bigger slut? Really? What constitutes being a slut