Working on IRBoC

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Today, the writing for our 8th IRBoC came to a conclusion, and 2 out of 6 people recorded. It is different with Jess gone, but we gotta continue. I started a Kickstarter like Project at Rockethub to try to get some funds for some people in IRBoC to get green screens so we can make our battles live-action in season two. (Right here if you wanna spare a dime, or 5,000,000 --> http://www.rockethub.com/projects/27...checkout/goods) I had a few Pokemon Battles with Pool and got my butt handed to me. Lol. And now, I'm relaxing, and likely heading to bed soon. So good night forumers, I'll try to write again tomorrow.
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  1. Katz's Avatar
    SADLY I can't pay.... But I do enjoy these! May I be in one, mr. licker of Zombies?
  2. ZombieLicker's Avatar
    Sure thing, it'll be a season 2 battle, and I'll PM you details soon!
  3. Katz's Avatar
  4. Swinburne's Avatar
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