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My pet duck

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I have a duck that is 1 foot long and lives in my pants. His favorite foods are doghnuts, blue waffles, and melons. He always gets them everyday and grows big everytime he does but shrinks down soon after eating.

His favorite duck friends are Cody, PolarThor, Donald, and Hook. My duck thinks he is a better duck than all of them.

I bring him to school everyday and all the girls want to pet him, and he usually jumps for joys when they do. He would usually spit on them and they would get mad and calling ME gross.

I once invited a girl to my house to come play with my duck, and even dared her to French kiss it for $50, and she did. I told her to babysit it for $25 and hour for a day and she did so she kept it in her pants on her way home and she instantly went to her bed in her room and started to play with it.

One day though she got pregnant and she needed comfort from my duck in order to make her happy, so we did this same routine everyday, except one day when I decided to play with it by my self in the bathtub.

The End.


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    This site, seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Steam Punk
    This site, seriously.
    Even though I started the whole duck thing...
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