My god, school's boring

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And i mean it.
I won't like a 13 year old kid who think school is useless and shit, but i really nean it : it's annoying.

In France, we have probably the worst school education : We work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, and it's all about the same stuff over and over again. Sometimes the teacher isn't here, so we are allowed to Gtfo sooner.
But school is still fucking boring.

One of the worst thing ever is probavly the thing that we call : "The hole-filler". 3 to 4 hours per week of nothing. I mean we sit on a chair for like 3 hours to learn nothing. They call that personnalised accompagnment but in fact we don't learn anything. Last hours we played a game on a computer about english words... Sheesh.
So yeah, that's why school is boring.

I recently saw Uprising's article about how exams are easy. I'll say they aren t easy here : I have 3 exams this year, for the first one i'll have to sit my fat ass on a chair for 4 hours and wprk on a French text, explaining things that even the writer never thought about like "Oh he uses the word Pain three te he's trying to accentuate that feel" "No i just ran out of imagination.". For the second exam, i have to learn 20 texts, and then i will have to work on these. 30 minutes preparations, 30 minutes in front of the guy, with nothing else than my voice.
The last one is easy, it's just an one hour dissertartion.
So yeah... That's the story ofmy life. And worst of all, this is not even the first part of that exam, the last thing will be next year.

I'd rather watch Adam vs Eve over and over again


  1. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    I don't like school either.

    Mostly because I don't see how proofs will help me in life.
  2. Keesicool's Avatar
    catholic school in o-merica is boring
  3. Faurot12's Avatar
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