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So... I listen to R&B, soul, folk, rock, jazz, metal, punk, hip-hop/rap, a little bit of electronic, a small selection of pop, experimental, reggae, etc. music. I tune in to literally every genre but country, poppy-pop, and most electronic/dubsteppy stuff. So... Here is a blog thingy Ive decided to do semidaily (aka. when I feel like it) to try to introduce to new songs and artists. (Most of the music here will be modern stuff simply cuz I wanna display the bands/singers/rappers/producers who are currently pretty relevant). The music will be across genres so I doubt you'll like it all.

First song is actually a classic that it is not new in any stretch of the word but I wanted to display it because they just recently made a super-cool music video for it thats like no music video you've ever seen before. Its the song we all know and love: Bob Dylan - Rolling Stone. The video is actually extreme cool since its interactive and pretty much has like 10 music videos in one. It also has some pretty familiar faces in it such as the PawnStars and one of my favorite rappers, Danny Brown. Watch it here:

The next song is by the band Death Grips from their pretty new mixtape, Government Plates (which overall was a pretty disappointing tape). Death Grips is pretty much a electronic-grudge-experimental-hiphop band with a touch of grudge, though this track, Anne Bonny, focuses more on the experimental-electronic side of things. Watch it here:

This next one isnt a song, but a great black/thrash metal tape by the band Toxic Holocaust. Ive been digging this album sooo fucking much recently, its great black and trash metal tracks on it. One of my favorites being Rat Eater which is the 3rd track on the project. The instrumental on this masterpiece is simple BRUTAL! If your into metal music theres no way I can see you disliking this. Listen to Toxic Holocausts new "Chemistry of Consciousness" tape here:

And this last one is a rap track, "Side B", of Danny Brown's newish mixtape "Old". The intro of this track is amazing, lyrics are goofy yet serious (as you'd expect from Danny Brown) and one of the standout tracks off "Old". One my favorite Danny Brown songs, actually, listen to it here:

BUT WAIT THERES MORE! This ones from TDEs new signee, SZA. She is an AMAZING, angelic, soulful singer. This soul/R&B/electronicy/Hip-Hoppy track is pretty new and really well-written. Its called "Ice.Moon Revisited" and the instrumental is beast as fuck. The song also includes a strangly-nonawkward-Ab-Soul rap verse on it. Ab-Soul does his Socrates flow thing and it serves for a cool breakdown. Tune in from SoundCloud here:


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    I expected pics of jukeboxes
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    Wow I had good music taste three years ago