2 years.

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It's been officially 2 years and 4 days since I joined this forum.

... and yet there are members who haven't been on for a year who double my post count, lol.

I haven't been the MOST active recently, but i've been around enough to shoot out that Havok battle with the others.
Now, for the shoutouts.

Shoutout to Dion. He kicked off the main reason I stayed on this forum, Havok.
Shoutout to Wumbo. You da shit bruh
Shoutout to Uprising... or T.I.M? You are also quite the shit
Shoutout to BobbyBobber. Bolly.
Shoutout to YellowNerd. waifu n shit. and that one time we skyped and i couldn't hear you and you couldn't hear me.
Shoutout to Rob, for, y'know, the forum.
Shoutout to Adonis.
Shoutout to that Spartfart loser.
Shoutout to ThatGuy, whatever your current name is.
Shoutout to anyone who's been in Havok. i c u i c u cuh
Shoutout to Gohan. Still best friends to this day. Can't wait for that Trail Blazers game in march. #ripcity
Shoutout to Nate n' Chi.
Shoutout to Epic Doctor X.
Shoutout to Glike.
Shoutout to Noremac.
Shoutout to LAWLzoR.
Shoutout to ZoroarkPKMN.
Shoutout to NiceTyler.
Shoutout to Anon.
Shoutout to Equinox./Spanish Fyre.
Shoutout to Umbreon.
Shoutout to Friendly Fyre.
Shoutout to Rocket.
Shoutout to Gonad.
Shoutout to I, da Ca$hman.
Shoutout to President Sambama.
Shoutout to sman.
Shoutout to Burroughs.

Okay, too many shoutouts, sorry if I didn't get ya in there.
Thanks, guys.


  1. YellowNerd's Avatar
    That sykpe call was beast, Congratulations man!
  2. Facilier's Avatar
    Way better than Polar being here for 1 year

  3. Clemi's Avatar
  4. BobbyBobber's Avatar
    I miss NiceTyler...
  5. SuperRapz's Avatar
    We all do, Bobby.
  6. Rocket's Avatar
    wow thank
  7. Uprising's Avatar
    Tell Gohan I said sup, and he won't have a damn clue who you're talking about.


    Happy anniversary though
  8. WWEFan's Avatar
    *doesn't see name*

    Okay ;-;
  9. Moonjik's Avatar
    Happy days, compadre.
  10. SuperRapz's Avatar
    how the hell did i forget wwe and GoB