Batman Heisenberg


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I punched a door and seriously injured it. It might be fractured, or might be broken. I am pretty pissed.


  1. Umbreon's Avatar
    I am a member of PEDB (People for the Ethical Treatment of Doors) and i find this offensive. If you do not apologize to your door i shall make a shitty flash game about people who punch doors being worse than Hitler.
  2. Poles's Avatar
    I punched a door today as well. Wanna know what's seriously injured? My hand.
  3. Lancer's Avatar
    Umbreon. Do it anyways.
  4. Batman Heisenberg's Avatar
    I meant I injured my hand. Lol.
  5. Clemi's Avatar
  6. Equinox's Avatar
    Dude I did The Same Thing, Except Mines Broken
  7. Batman Heisenberg's Avatar
    LOl Equinox, I might have broken or fractured it. SO IDK?
  8. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Probably should have mentioned your hand at some point.
  9. Batman Heisenberg's Avatar
    I know lol.
  10. GonadTheNomad's Avatar
    Is the door doing alright?
  11. Dr. Ninja's Avatar
    Why would you punch the door. Did it try to murder your "pinkie toe"
  12. Batman Heisenberg's Avatar
    Yes Ninja, yes it did