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So we can make blogs now? Cool, I guess I'll just share some of my highlights if my day...
-The albums coming out great, and I received the guest verse from Unonimous
-Theres this girl named Francesca at school, and I have a little bit of a crush on her, only problem is Im only in lunch with her so I have no idea if she likes me back but we do talk as in saying hi when we pass each other in the halls. We'll just have to see how this plays out.
-I start working my new job Saturday.
-I seem to be failing 3 classes (English, History, and Science) but English will go up easily and working on raising my other grades currently.
-Had a sub for study hall who told dirty jokes, for example, when a girl asks you "Whats your sign?" you reply with a pedophilic smile and by saying, "My favorite sign is... Slippery when wet..."
-My and my friends Nick and Anthony decides for the last day of school, we were to dress up like leprechauns and run around greeting people with, "Top of tha mornin' to ya!" and "THEYRE AFTER ME LUCKY CHARMS!"
-Me and my friends Clark and James got kicked out of English class for saying, "BOLLY!" so we hung out in the library where I signed a petition as "Name: Isaiah "Bolly" Ferrara E-Mail:"
Fun day.
(Still waiting on TDFE and its not my fault for once! Lol, but, take your time Cast... Not too much time.)


  1. BobbyBobber's Avatar
    Three years later...
    The Francesca thing never worked out in case anybody was wondering... I know nobody was wondering...