My forumniversary was 3 days ago

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I missed that, damnit.
Well, it's been 2 years, so hb to me or something


  1. Lancer's Avatar
    happy forumversary
    we love you clemi
    you are best french person ever

    do you have any french fries for us
  2. Poles's Avatar
    merry birthday
  3. Clemi's Avatar
    Thanks guys :D

    Quote Originally Posted by MaNCHA
    [/I]do you have any french fries for us
    Fries are from Belgium dood
  4. Facilier's Avatar
    Stop bullshitting us and hoarding the fries. It has french in the name no tricking ussss
  5. Lancer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Clemi
    Fries are from Belgium dood
    no they're french emphasis on french fries
  6. ERBoH's Avatar
    wooo party all over the clemiverse!
    I hope you enjoy your stay with us kind sir, may you experience many more erb filled years.
  7. ssamuelmiller's Avatar
    Belated happy birthday to you and may your forum gains more followers. I can relate to your situation sometimes we get so busy at work that we forget the most important events of our life. I work in an Assignment Help UK based company and my birthday was last month and I was so occupied with work that I completely forgot about it. when my HR wished me and brought a cake for me that’s when I remembered.
  8. bridge's Avatar
    Without any regrets I am in love with mathinthecloud. It is something that I can do anything with the help of their great service. No cons or complaint at all!