12/28/13 Random Notes

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So I'm doing this since I have no Wifi and today should be pretty entertaining to do this for. Let's see what happens.

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer is the most annoying Christmas song ever.

Actually, never mind that, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree is the most annoying Christmas song ever.

Well...yeah, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is at it's worst while being sung by old people who can't sing. So that's the worst one.

It's hilarious when the music suddenly switches from Christmas music to music about getting drunk in pickup trucks.

It's been 15 minutes and nobody fixed the music until right now.

I'm too tall for the upstairs ceiling of this house. My head hit the ceiling. Ow.

Ham tastes better when it's the "melt in your mouth" kind.

That feel when your family almost forgets that you aren't in the room.

Getting cologne for Christmas from your grandparents is strange, especially since I've never worn it before, nor did I ask for it on my Christmas list.

Damn, I hope they aren't hinting that I smell bad. Because I don't. Trust me, I check before I leave my house, since I don't want to be "that guy who smells bad".

I have really bad luck with card games.

So obviously the best choice for clearing somebody's throat of an object is to drink some alcohol. Water instead? RIDICULOUS! ALCOHOL DEFINITELY IS THE MOST REASONABLE CHOICE HERE. GAH.

The worst part of that is nobody listens to me when I say that they should use water instead. Gah again.

A good Terrible Joke Battle of Meh would be Yeezy vs Weezy featuring Cheezy. Just a thought.

And I ended the night by playing Guitar Hero on a PS2. I went home, and here I am. Although I won't post this right away obviously.


  1. Facilier's Avatar
    the fuck is this
  2. Baldy Jr's Avatar

    four more months till uprising ruins my birthday

    *drinks more*
  3. Uprising's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wumbo

    four more months till uprising ruins my birthday

    *drinks more*
    fak u