Top 10 Pokemon of Each Gen

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I'll do it.

10. Gyarados
Trying not to copy others who've done this, but I just can't. I started liking Gyarados when I saw the episode of the Pokemon anime where Ash, Brock, and Misty get trapped on the upside-down St. Anne with Team Rocket, and James throws away his useless Magikarp into the ocean, countered by it evolving and enveloping them all in a cyclone. Badass. The reason Gyarados is not farther up on this list is because it's not Dragon-type. Like what. My Gyarados in X/Y is named James, after his former owner in the anime and an inside-joke between my brother and I the previous night while playing Super Mario 3D World.

9. Snorlax
Because why not? Snorlax is a funny Pokemon, with an interesting way to catch it in most games. You gotta…wake it up. Wha…? Yeah, but when it's awake this guy's a powerhouse. At times in X and Y if you accidentally make it faint, it'll occasionally return, and no matter how leveled-up my Pokemon is, IT WON'T BE CAUGHT IN A BALL! It was just asleep, but now it's awake enough to break out of a Pokeball? I call bullshit.

8. Alakazam
It's smart, it's cool, it mega-evolves, and holds spoons. This guy's ready to take the SATs and eat soup simultaneously. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is.

7. Kingler
Have we ever had a water-type Pokemon based on a crab and a king? HAHA YOU FOOL. Kingler is exactly that. He's got what I like to call the Nemo deficiency, when one arm/hand/claw is larger than the opposite. You feel that? That's the nostalgia in you going "Oh yeah, Nemo has that tiny hand! Haha!" Now you're thinking of all the hilarious parts of the movie…"SHARKBAIT HOO-HAHA", "Just keep swimming", "MINE MINE MINE"…you know you love it.

6. Pikachu/Raichu
They're tied, HAPPY GAMEFREAK?! I couldn't resist putting these cute little munchkins on the list, I mean, they're the FACES of Pokemon. Well, one is. Hence why their tied. Because I'm biased. And I'm a Communist.

5. Arcanine/Ninetales
Another tie? SAY WHAAAAAT. Yeah, they're both awesome to me. One's a kingly fire dog that I got to play in a PKMNERB, and the other is a scary kitsune. If you don't like that, I would't judge ya. S'why they're fifth on this list.

4. Charizard
Burn, lizard, burn, DISCO INFERNO! I mean, he's fucking Charizard. CHARIZARD. I had to put him on, I had to. You can't look at Mega Charizard X and just be like, "Dat sucks", BECAUSE YOU CAN'T. If you do, stop reading. WAIT, I DIDN'T REALLY MEAN IT COME BACK!!

3. Mewtwo
Fuck the no legendaries rule, it's Mewtwo. I personally prefer Mega Mewtwo Y over X, but whatevs. It's a genetically engineered clone of Mew (found underneath a random truck, FYI) created by Dr. Fuji. It's purpose was to create a brand new species of Pokemon, and this worked by--WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTNOOOOOO

2. Venusaur
This guy's really underrated--I mean Venusaur.
He's pretty strong, and his mega evolution is--FUUCK I mean…Venusaur
I really don't understand why people don't--I MEAN VENUSAUR.

1. Blastoise
Two guns, three if you're mega. Giant-ass shell. And if you're owned by ass, shades. Bad. Ass.
I am relatively biased towards water-type starters, so Blastoise is #1. I chose Venusaur in X and Y cause I chose Greninja, and I can't have two waters. It's just basic fact. But yeah, Blastoise.



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    I'm am sued you.

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    Wait what's going on
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    Interesting choices. My list would have to be similar, but no Arcanine or Snorlax, instead they'd be replaced with Nidoking and Beedrill. Those two are major bro pokemon.
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    This is the only gen I know. You kids and your new fangled generations. I'll take a charmander and bulbasore over your ridaduchi poochi any day.
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    Ridaduchi Poochi is a Digimon.
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    Makes sense.
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    I like Snorlax and Venusaur too.
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