Top 10 Pokemon of Each Gen: Johto

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Round 2.

10. Ampharos
Ampharos is cool. There, I said it. He's an Electric-type sheep. Still not impressed? He Mega-Evolves into He-Man. It's just downright cool to me.

9. Skarmory
Why is one of your favorite Johto Pokemon a giant metal bird that flies? Well, why is Scizor awesome? People look at Scizor and go, "He should fly!" But in my opinion, we've already got a giant flying death machine, and that's Skarmory. Cheers, dude.

8. Feraligatr
It's the most vicious son of a bitch in the Pokemon world. It's blue, it's water-typed, and it will devour your soul. AND IT ISN'T EVEN SHEDINJA.

7. Donphan
Probably the only real elephant Pokemon besides Mamoswine, Donphan is flat-out cool. He's a big giant armored elephant, what more could one Pokemon fan possibly want? I'll tell you what: for Donphan to be steel-typed. And Hawlucha, but we'll get to him another time.

6. Noctowl
You could say that this Top 10 is out of order, because I clearly love Ampharos and shit more than half the Pokemon on this list before Noctowl. But whatever. It's the Top 3 that really matters.
Why do I like Noctowl? Umm..it's an owl. There.

5. Slowking
I just loved how in whatever Pokemon movie he was in (I forget, k?) he was British and shit. That was awesome! Also I got to play him in a PKMNERB where in my opinion he beat the shit out of Reuniclus and Metagross. Suck it.

4. Smeargle
I remember getting a plush for this dude. Had no idea it was actually a Pokemon. Shows how much I knew at age 3. I dunno, he's a dog with a paintbrush. It's cool.

3. Delibird
It's a fucking Santa bird that works at a deli! I think…I dunno, all I know is he needs to be in a PKMNERB (if you have suggestions I'm open to them)

2. Politoed
Green Tentaquil. End of fucking discussion.

1. Dunsparce
Because fuck you, look at this guy! He's Normal-typed (which is BS, Ground/Fairy FTW). He's got a drill for a tail, he has cute little wings but he can't fly, his eyes are always closed. It's downright awesome, and you know it. Dunsparce, maybe you'll be in a PKMNERB one day (wink, wink).


  1. Katz's Avatar
    Slowking was in the movie with Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia.
  2. rangernumberx's Avatar
    Pokemon 2000 was the title of Slowking's movie.
  3. Dion's Avatar

  4. Uprising's Avatar
    Hitmontop tho
    Girafarig tho
    Umbreon tho
    Sudowoodo tho
  5. ZoroarkPKMN's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion

    Scizor's awesome, but the reason I didn't put him was because I much prefer a giant metal tank that actually flies.

    *Dion got Burn Heal!*
    Sorry, had to. XD
  6. ZoroarkPKMN's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Uprising
    Hitmontop tho
    Girafarig tho
    Umbreon tho
    Sudowoodo tho
    Much prefer Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan than Hitmontop.
    Girafarig's good, but lacks evos.
    Umbreon I kinda like, but I've never really been too much of a fan
    Sudowoodo is an honorable mention.
  7. Rocket's Avatar
    Sneasel tho
  8. Uprising's Avatar
    Magcargo tho
  9. Rocket's Avatar
    Shiny Politoed almost is Tentaquil.