ZoroarkPKMN's Most Wanted Characters for Smash Bros (Part 1)

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Today I'm doing characters part one. Another day I'll finish, another I'll do assist trophies.

1. Palutena (Kid Icarus Uprising)
Come on, Uprising is my favorite 3DS game (yes, over X&Y). Palutena would be a good character, not only gameplay wise but concept-wise. Palutena's move set would be pretty simple:
B - Light Sphere
Similar to Samus' charge beam, Palutena charges up a sphere of light and charges it. It can be saved and fired at any time.
Up B - Transport
Copy Zelda's Up B, Palutena can warp to any position on the stage depending on what direction you move the joystick after doing the Up-B combo. Relates to her "godliness:
Side B - Light Target
She shoots a beam of light that can target the closest opponent. It would be very useful to get opponents off stage completely, all you gotta do is get near 'em
Down B - Light Shield
Palutena's shield is a mirror, henceforth it could deflect any move. No explanation.
Final Smash - Battle Cry
Palutena makes a battle cry, and like Pit's old final smash, loads of centurions come and battle Palutena's opponents, including those big muscular ones. Pit's final smash can become the Great Sacred Treasure.

2. Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Sunshine)
Need this badly, so badly. Bowser Jr. could be based off of his Sunshine character, being able to talk and having his E.Gadd paintbrush. This could be his move set
B - Fireball Spit
Simple, he spits a fireball. Something he does in every Mario game. Nothing really too special.
Up B - Clown Car
The Clown Car appears and he hovers in it, sort of like Snake's Up-B in Brawl.
Side B - Paint Stroke
He slashes with his paintbrush, creating a mist of paint that, if walked through, injures the player. Almost like a barrier of sorts.
Down B - M Graffiti
He paints an M on the ground, not only causing slipping for characters (as well as dirtying them up), but it also turns Bowser Jr. into Shadow Mario. Shadow Mario could have the same side B, but his Up-B could have him do a flip in the air and turn him back into Bowser Jr., like when Bowser Jr. is revealed in Sunshine. His Down-B could become a graffiti stroke, maybe the M again but it doesn't switch him back. The normal B can become a small paintball of sorts.
Final Smash - Bomb Ship
Bowser Jr. hovers in that metal ball he's in in the Mario Galaxy games, while a Bowser airship from the background shoots cannons and bullet bills at the stage, hurting the players.

3. Waluigi
A must-have.
B - Tennis Toss
Waluigi takes out a tennis racket and tosses a tennis ball. An interesting item would be a Tennis Racket, so you could generally have a game of tennis with Waluigi.
Up B - Waluiginado
Waluigi turns into a purple tornado and spins upwards
Side B - Goalie
Waluigi kicks a soccer ball and it flies across the stage on fire. Simple as can be,
Down B - Golf Swing
Hits a golf ball that lands somewhere on a stage surface, so small it is too difficult to see. Like Diddy's bananas, the ball can cause tripping.
Final Smash - Wall-Uigi
Kicks up a wall of thorns that branch off into different places of the stage, similar to Ice Climbers' Final Smash.

4. Zoroark
To represent Gen 5 in a way that people can look at it and say "Oh yeah, that Pokemon".
B - Shadow Ball
Uses the attack Shadow Ball
Up B - Night Slash
Slashes upwards
Side B - Night Daze
Shoots a ray of dark energy forwards
Down B - Focus Blast
Shoots ball of red energy. Attack charges up.
Final Smash - Illusion
Screen flashes black, and every character gets a clone (four players = eight on screen), one is Zoroark. Other three/two/one are/is CPUs.


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