My 3 or 2 but 3 Year Celebration

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Yes, Yes the title can be misleading as I've only been here a year. However I've been drawing for three. I've done some critical thinking lately. I would've given up on drawing if it weren't for you guys. I posted pretty bad ERB art when I first came here and you all encouraged me saying it was good. I kept at it. Rob I believe you were the first to compliment my art so a big thank you to you. So I also realized soon I'll be Noremac1700. exciting. But It would also mark three years of drawing. I reflect on what I've done and what I'm doing. I've improved so much and without you I wouldn't have worked as hard as I have to get where I am and I have no intention of stopping. So I want to celebrate two years of you guys helping me improve myself and three years of this ongoing project. A big thank you to all of you.

I wanted to celebrate but I wasn't sure how I could. So I decided to go back to My roots. I decided I will take past and current work and make a collage. A giant collage of my best work of past present and future. But How do I decide my best work? I'm always rather negative towards what I do. I've had some I really liked but remembered it was you guys who got me here. So I want to know. What was your favorites. Those were my best works. The ones that caught someones eye.

I want to know What were or are your favorite pictures I've drawn. I will take all the responses I get and cut them out digitally and make a collage of them. Making a giant artwork of three years worth of best work. So I ask you to remember back to your favorites if you had some. I know Nicolas Cage re-enacting Wrecking Ball is on the list. But was your favorite a request i did? Like sonic getting a ticket from a police officer? or was it something you saw on Halloween? Whatever it may be I want to include it in the collage.

and I want to incorporate the future. I will take requests one per person. Whatever you want. Whatever style family guy, realistic, cartoon, disney. I will draw it and put it in the collage.

and lastly:


  1. Uprising's Avatar
    I remember you making a Jack the Ripper drawing for the 2012 Halloween art spectacular thing you did, and it was amazing. Definitely use that.
  2. YellowNerd's Avatar
    I remember you drawing me, I still am not finished writing that epic masterpiece of us as doctors, man
  3. Moonjik's Avatar
    I remember you being awesome.

    Congratzi, mein Nazi.
  4. Noremac2100's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sakura
    I remember you being awesome.

    Congratzi, mein Nazi.
    being? hahaha I kid i Kid. Thank you.

    @Up alright I'll add that

    @YN which one first or second one I drew?