I'm Back I Guess, So what happened?

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I guess i'm sort of back. I left because I lost interest in ERB for the most part and none of the battles that were announced interest me except Poe Vs King. I didn't like the new battle too much (Probably because I donít like either show but idk). I still donít have that much of an interest in it though. I also left because I was going through depression. That still hasn't really gone away, but itís kind of better. I wont go into much details about it right now. I also left because I went to another forum for a while to change things up and I guess Iíll stay on both forums, though I may be less active than I was here because of me being on two forums instead of just one. So, yeah. I guess Iíll come back at least for a while. ERBOF is still a thing and weíll try to do another battle soon-ish and at least try to finish the season. Umbreon Rap Battles is still probably not going to get a battle for a long time but idk, weíll see. I have written more songs since I left and I might post some of them but probably not a lot of them because theyíre about personal things and can be kind of sad. Over the time I was gone nothing really happened for me. I caught a Shiny Gengar and Octillery in X and Y and beat most of the games I own that I havenít beaten yet, I wrote a ton of songs, was at another forum, tried to get back into yugioh again, and didn't do much else. Eh, its not important. I guess Iím back, so yay. I may not post much and may not come on for a week or so every once and a while and wont be as active as I was before I left, but Iíll try to be decently active.


  1. StealthyNinjaWhale's Avatar
    Welcome back, I just came back as well *fro bist*
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  3. Clemi's Avatar
    Things and stuff with no real importance :I
    Also, welcome back :3
  4. rangernumberx's Avatar
    Welcome back!
  5. BBC7's Avatar
    Welcome back, I also returned after a long sleep
  6. Dr. Stein's Avatar
    Hooray for people returning!
  7. ERBoH's Avatar
    wooo erb party central
    don't leave me again guys q_q
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    is this the real life

    or is this just pepsi sea

    umbreon is back

    come be my bby