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I'm pretty some of you have finished school but I wonder how hard you think your finals were and good you did.

So far I inly took my Algebra IIe final an only got an 89/100 because i forgot todo a wuestion i skipped.

All I have left is Chemistry (Shouldn't bethat hard), English10H (meh), and Spanish 2 (bleh). It sucks because I have a 73% in spanish and I'm afraid I might get a bad score and get a D


  1. Clemi's Avatar
    My finals are next week D:
  2. Baldy Jr's Avatar
    Chemistry=Shit Tier Black Magic
    Nuclear Chemistry= Fun as shit, 10/10 would study

    My relationship with chemistry is very complicated.
  3. Uprising's Avatar
    I got to choose to not take all of my finals besides my Spanish and Sports Lit finals, which was nice. Spanish was easy and Sports Lit took awhile but turned out nicely.
  4. Dr. Ninja's Avatar
    Chemistry was okay, And English, many questions from reading excwrpts with 2 very very possible answers.