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My Goals for Next year/Summer

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Yay, summer where you get to relax for 2 months...unless you have 3 classes of summer homework, marching bad camp, an reading.

Well i signed up for 3 AP Classes:


Now because I want to get some good classes for the extra 1 gpa and to look good for colleges, I'm going to try getting A's and B's and a GPA of atleast 4.0

My Goal in grading:

Spanish 3: B or higher. I am not good at Spanish.

Math Analysis E: A:am really good at math and believe I can get an A if I actually do my homework everyday.

AP Chem: A- or higher. I hear this was a hard, studisome class but I think if I stidy a lot and work hard I can get an A.

AP Language and Composition: B or higher. I am not the bet essay writer or reading comprehender but surely I'm not the worst and as I said, I plan on working harder.

AP US History: A. This shouldnt be that hard. AP EURO WAS OKAY and only failed because I didnt study for these set of tests our class took daily for 2 weeks and forgot to do a homework assignment (We rarely have homework so it weighed some amount).

Wind Ensemble: A+. This is band, don't really to explain why.

Since AP classes are worth an extra point and Math, I shoudl get

25.5/6 GPA = 4.13 GPA. This means if I don't get 1/2 of my goals I can still get a good 4.0

Here's the thing: I did terrible this semester because I was lazy.

AP Euro: B. Again, didnt do good on some tests and missig HW assignment.

Symphonic Band: A+

Chemistry B: Stuck with a bad sub 1st month of somester and bythe ned of the year went from C- to middle B.

English 10H: B. Didn't do good on a couple essays because of lack of effort but I plan to do better.

Algebra 2E: B. Bad, but i did terrible on first chapter's test and quiz and didnt turn in a few HW assignments.

Spanish 2: C: Bou, the test were really hard.

I got a 3.53 GPA I think but I may be wrong.

Now for summer I have 3 classes of homework.

AP Chemistry: A 5 page review sheet. Already done.

AP language and Composition: Read Graps if Wrath and write a summary of the importance of 1 important passage in eachchapter (P86 so far), 58 litterm vocab cards (Done) and read some sections from literature book (Third done).

AP US: Triple venn diagram about 3 different stories, biographies about columbus, autobiography (Done), a biography of us written by someone else, and a timeline of someone else.

Now, my favorite: Band Camp

July 14-18: 1-5 PM.
August ?4-8? 8 AM to 5PM.

And at ed of july a week vacation in Vegas.

I know this blog is sloppy, but I an using an IPhone which isn't meant to be an essay writer. What are you guys's goals for summer and next year?


  1. Baldy Jr's Avatar
    Football starts in two weeks, I have an APUSH assignment, and it will all culminate into a giant suckfest starting at 6 every morning starting July 6th.
  2. Lancer's Avatar
    My summer work:

    AP English: Read Snow Falling on Cedars. Use google+ to write three responses to it.
    About 3/4ths through the book.

    Advanced Studio Art (AP Art, essentially): Four projects, two with specifications, two whatever I want.
    One project (my choice) complete.