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A really weird dream...

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This is a big dream just to let you guys know...so it starts out with me and my sister going to a summer camp where a decade ago, 5 kids had all died, someone had wanted to reenact that and blackmailed my parents, as well as some others into killing their own children. The dream starts with me alone, even though my sister had been in the bunk above me last night, so I get out of bed thinking she just had woke up early, but then I remember the others who had "gone missing," so I am about to run out the door when I notice a chain on my right foot connected to a weight that I could pick up, even though it was heavy. Then, I talk to my parents, and they get kinda sad looks on their faces for no reason, and they try to kill me by throwing me off a bridge into a rushing river, but they can't and so I escape into a previously locked cabin full of notes of whose dead and whose not, seeing my sister's not dead I breath a sigh of relief, but then notice a sniper in the trees, so I become a bit paranoid, I somehow convince my parents to escape, we drive away, and then Part 2 of my dream begins...

We break down in an oddly blank town road where some of my friend's families pull up and offer us a ride. I decline automatically, still paranoid, and I then find myself only with my "father" in my mother's minivan, we're in the middle of nowhere and take a turn (on some sort of crystal part of the road, partially bridging (one side was a cliff) over a lake (there were also no guardrails for some reason) and then I drown both in water and somehow in a sea of comments from the chatbox, (I still have no idea why the hell that was in my dream) then it turns out it was a dream, similar to Final Destination, so since I know my father nor mother would ever kill me, I punch the guy in the face and it turns out to be a robot from a previous dream (where I was battling cyborgs with the Power Rangers, who had lost their powers), so I unbuckle as the car goes into the water and it turns out not even to be my mother's minivan but some sort of futuristic car. Suddenly, someone who looks like the robot pulls up in a futuristic formula one car and asks if I need a ride, I get in and he tells me to put on a partial superhero-like suit that doesn't have thumbs, so I defeat the robot and he tells me the reason he tried to kill me was because the person in the F1 style car was me from the future who had killed someone by accident in a race, and the death sentence was a death for a death, so the robot decided to kill me in the past (the reason why the stuff from part 1 happened) so that I would be unable to kill that person (who's biggest fan was the robot), suddenly the robot and my future self faded away...which meant that I never even got a job as an F1 racer.

Part 3 is where it gets really odd...my family finally finds me and for some reason my dad is driving his truck while my mom drives her minivan (this is another thing that never got explained in my dream) and for some reason my mom drives the minivan towards the now snowy crystal curve and the van goes into the lake but my mother and sister survive, same with the truck and we notice that alot of cars are coming, but they all go into the lake as well (some also end up breaking houses near the lake). We then find the vehicles (one being partially buried for some reason) and drive home.

And then I got woken up by my father...and typed this for you guys to see


  1. Turtlesauce's Avatar
    That was... more than weird. And creepy
  2. Spars's Avatar
    "Part 3 is where it gets really odd..."

    I thought it already was.
  3. YellowNerd's Avatar
    Usually this dreams happen if you go to sleep after you just ate without letting the food settle first
  4. Rocket's Avatar
    10/10 would read again