I need help

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People me and Ranger are on war. Here is what you can do to help me win. Heal Iron Man and hurt Aquaman. Deadpool fans please help. He was threatening him too.


  1. rangernumberx's Avatar
    I did not threaten Deadpool! I openly stated how, if I did hurt him, it would place a big target on me and Aquaman, something I do not want.

    Do not listen to the liar, the fraud, and the supporter of the richest douchebag in all of Marvel. Do the inverse of what he said, heal Aquaman and hurt Iron Man. Heck, even just do one of those things, I can't tell you what to do.

    Viva la Atlantis! #TeamAquaman
  2. @Dumbledore's Avatar
    No don't listen to him, he... he doesn't know what he's saying... #TeamIronMan

    You know we could stop hurting each others' characters and then at least both of them remain in the competition.
  3. Moonjik's Avatar
    No, Team Aquaman for life. My Deadpool brothers, join us in our struggle. Heal the fish!