31 Days of Halloween Help

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For the years I've been on this forum every Halloween I've done a 31 days of Halloween event. Each day I post a drawing and a story. I was reminded recently to do it again. I got the ball rolling and got some absolute wonderful ideas. However these ideas will not fill 31 days and still are not completely formed. I need your help. If I can get some suggestions I promise you wont be disappointed. I'm going all in on this year.

I need requests. Not necessarily requests but scary things or things that you would find fitting for Halloween that you would like to see. That seemed to be a big hit the first year I did it.

Now I have my theme down and what I want to do. I also do not want to reveal what it is though with the help I am asking for I might be reveled. Some of you may be wondering: "Why in August is he focusing on Halloween?" The answer is simple. October will be a busy and hellish time for me. I want some time to complete this stuff. So I can have it done and not crunch.

Now besides the suggestions I need some filler stuff for the stuff I have planned. I will take what I can or the ideas I like best. Keep it spooky. Some sillyness is ok but I want to be scary too.

I need famous deceased people:

1 woman
1 bearded gentleman
1 elderly lady and her husband
3 gentlemen.

Tombstones. If you are interested please leave something funny to be put on a headstone or tombstone or whatever. Your gravestone may make an appearance.

Now these next things I need are very specific. Like the deceased people above I need specific types of people but I also need something for them to turn into.

1 Woman and her transformation
1 Gentleman (transformation covered)
A hero and and an animal (transformation covered)
1 lady and her transformation
a mode of transportation and it's transformation

People at a party in a ballroom, Many couples dancing, other people participating in festivities. Deceased people please.

A living person and his animal companion that would be absolutely frightened to see ghosts.

People you would see reanimated, ghost like that would be in a graveyard that's been around since the beginning of time.

5 fourmers who would make a great singing group.

dead people please for the next one:
1 skinny, tall man
1 plump medium sized man
1 short man

Now many may be thinking. Why should I help he's just being lazy. That assumption is false. I have many more ideas done and drafted that I did not need assistance. I want to see what YOU guys would like to see. Also this year will be more interactive with you. I hope at least. So many great (at least I think so) new ideas this will be a killer year

Thank You


  1. YellowNerd's Avatar
    5 fourmers who would make a great singing group.

    I think we already talked about this

    ranger, Edx, me, dion and wumbo if i remember
  2. Clemi's Avatar
    YellowNerd -> wait what about me nooooo

    Edit : It was Dion, YN, Ranger, and me, there was no 5th forumer
    Updated 08-25-2014 at 01:16 PM by Clemi
  3. Moonjik's Avatar
    I should be in one. No? How about you draw Robb Stark after the Red Wedding (they cut off his head and the head of his wolf and sowed his wolf's head onto his body)