Jirachibi's Guide/Tutorial to Song Writing!

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So i was asked about my songwriting and my approach and stuff so i guess this an explination/tutorial on how to write songs. Or at least, how i do it. First things first, there is a 90% chance you will suck at first even withthis tutorial. I sucked horribly at first but got better the more i did it. Sucking isnt an excuse to stop, its an excuse to get better. When you realize your stuff isnt that great, figure out why. Then, fix the problem and you should be fine. You need to come up with a style. A genre is not enough. Okay, you're a rock musician. What kind? Heavy rock? Classic rock? Pop rock? Goth Rock? Upbeat Rock? Emo Rock? Punk Rock? What? You need to find which style you're going for. Obviously, you can mix styles (You can be both Goth and Punk, for example) and you can write songs of different styles to find the type that suits you best so its not like this is the first thing you have to do or anything. You also should have inspiration but not too much. What i mean is, i started out like "I wanna be like Green Day and My Chemical Romance!" Thats fine. But dont do what i used to and steal their ideas. I dont this is nearly as much as i used to , if ever. I actually reccomend not listening to music while you write a song so you can be sure you arent being unoriginal. Taking basic premises from other songs is fine, however. Just dont directly rip lyrics. Its bad Mmmkay? Now, as for actually writing the songs, theres a few ways you can do it. A few methods include:

1.) Coming up with a beat/instrumental in your head that you like and writing lyrics based on that
2.) Thinking about a personal expirience and writing about it
3.) Come up with a song title and write a song that fits the title
4.) (I dont do this oiften) Ad-Lid the song. Write it as you go and edit it afterwards. This can make a song seem forced if not done right, though.

After deciding how you are going to write the song, you should Figure out a rhyme scheme (AAAB CCCB where each letter rhymes with the same letter. Like, the A's rhyme with A's and so on) and writing around that rhyme scheme. There aer tons of different schemes to choose from, thousands if not more. Try not to do the cliche (AABBCCDD) that often. Its not that its a bad rhyme scheme its just that literally every artist has done that rhyme scheme before. Using it is fine, but try to find another one soemtiems. Another thing is dont use the same scheme for every sogn you do. If every one of your songs is AAAB CCCB then people will know what to expect from your songs and it'll get boring. Im not sayign never sue the same one twice, just dont use the same one over and over and over. Another important thing is knowing when to stop. A short good song > A long okay one. You need to figure out a structure to your song first or you'll never be able to stop. (4 Choruses and 4 Verses, for example.) If you want examples of times where i didnt know when to stop:Dark Avenues, Hope, and Silver Lining. I practice recorded singing those songs and they are all around the 7-8 minute area. Those are fine but 2-3 minute songs work just as well, if not better. Again, like with the rhyme structure, dont repeat this too often. If every one of your songs is 4 verse 4 chorus, ti'll be too predictable. I know 90% of you know but for those who dont, A chorus is a part of the song thats repeated. For example, in "DEAD!" by My Chemical Romance the chorus is

"Have you heard the news that you're dead?
No one ever had much nice to say
I think they never liked you anyways
Take me from the hospital bed
Wouldn't it be grand?
To take a pistol by the hand?
Wouldnt it be great fi we were dead?"

whiel a verse is:

"And if your heart stops beating
Ill be here wondering
Did you get what you deserve? The ending of your life
And if you get to heaven ill be waiting, baby
Did you get what you deserve? The end
And if your life wont wait
Then your heart cant take this"

The chorus is repeated at the end fo each verse in this example, but it doesnt always have to be. It can be 3 verses, then a chorus, the 3 more. It doesnt even have to be consistant, it can be 3 verse - Chorus - 2 Verse - Chorus if you want it too just know that this can break the consistancy and make your song seem off if done incorrectly. Theres no real rule for how long a verse should be line wise or time wise, just try to keep it a slong as needed without going overboard. In terms of song length, most musicians try to go around 3-4 minutes but you can go longer or shorter. But know that if you go too short, then the song will seem pointless and if the song is too long, it can drag unless you're done right. An example fo a short song is "The End" By My Chemical Romance (1:47 in length) and an example of a long song is Jesus of Suburbia by GreenD ay (9:08 in length). Both are well done and dont seem to drag or be pointless. Also, try not to re use ideas often. Writing the same song 10 times is nto good. Its okay to have multiple with the same overall theme (Depression, Gothic stuff, ect.) but try not to overdo it, y'know? If all your songs sound and feel the same you wont get many fans. Another thing is try to put emotion in your lyrics and give them a meaning. The problem with most pop music now a days (At least in my opinion) is none of them have a message or emotion put into them and the lyrics seem lazy. If you put emotion and thought in your lyrics, then it'll be much better. In terms of how long is spent on a song, that really depends. Songs range from 15 minutes to an hour for me. It depends on if i know what im writing about, how long i want the song to be, and if its somethign i can easilly write about. I guess thats it. If you have any questions about song writing, let me know and i will gladly answer any question you have about it. Also, this applies to rock but im not sure how much of this tutorial applies to rap or pop or other genres so yeah.


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